Nas Speaks on CNN With Anderson Cooper 360 on Race in America

Nas x CNN On Race In America For Anderson Cooper 360 Town Hall Discussion

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Just last night, Nas made an appearance on CNN to give his two cents for Anderson Cooper‘s most recent Town Hall discussion, “Race and Justice In America II.” Alongside cultural commentators Michaela Angela DavisDavid Webb, Charles Blow and Andre Perry, Nas describes the danger of judgement and true to form, keeps it really real about guilt and ignorance in modern-day America. Anderson Cooper brings another important conversation to the forefront, including varied voices and Nas does hip-hop proud. We won’t talk about that baseball stitch shirt though… Check out Nas’ bit below and read more info on the series from CNN after the clip:

It’s guilt. It’s guilt, it’s ignorance, it’s… People, we tend to judge each other. And if I don’t know something you, Anderson, I’m going to judge you based on a bad experience I had with another white person. If you don’t know me and you walk down the street and you see me, my pants are hanging — you’re going to assume the worst. We need to learn how to deal with each other, basically because at this point, America’s looking like barbarians.

>>>More of “Race and Justice in America II” and other AC360 clips (via CNN.com)

The George Zimmerman verdict is challenging assumptions about race in America. It started a new national discussion, that we are continuing in our town hall tonight. We are taking an up close look at the hidden bias that often goes unspoken in our society, and surfaces in unexpected ways. It’s something President Obama addressed in his remarks following the Zimmerman verdict. It’s an issue I discussed with Grammy nominated hip-hop artist Nas; BET’s Michaela Angela Davis; David Webb, co-founder of Tea Party 365; New York Times Op-Ed Columnist Charles Blow; and Andre Perry, founding Dean of Urban Education at Davenport University.

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