Lupe Fiasco entertained the crowd at The Trocadero during a Tetsuo & Youth Tour stop in Philly this week as he recounted the details behind his removal from a performance at an inaugural celebration following President Barack Obama’s 2012 reelection. There has always been a bit of outrage and speculation attached to the situation, considered by some to be a case of censorship that found Lupe’s set being dismantled around him before he was ultimately escorted from the premises for performing the first verse of “Words I Never Said” – a track from Lupe’s Lasers LP that is critical of the United States government, its policies and practices – repeatedly. Lupe breaks the fourth wall to discuss the experience and the ways in which the treatment he received at the inaugural bash could qualify, ironically enough, as a violation of his civil rights. Check the clip below to watch the fan footage capturing Lupe’s story.


  • Chuk Stake

    Ranting is a Chicago thing… I’m guessing.

  • Brandon Martin

    I really want like Lupe cause he makes really good music. Every time he opens his mouth he sounds like a loser.

    Someone offers you 80,000 to do a performance under the pretense that it’s the celebration of a person it’s probably not a good idea to bash that person.

    Not only did he bash the person, but it sounds like the performance sucked.

    If you’re trying to be some rebelling artist at lease make sure you are being simi entertaining.

    I would have had more respect if he declined the offer, or if his performance consisted of more than just saying the same lyrics over and over…

  • Brandon Martin

    also your first amendment rights have nothing to do with being paid to spit non sense. If you want to start a blog, twitter or soundcloud and post the same crap over and over you can. You how ever can’t do it at my show that I am paying you 80,000 to perform.

  • Sideshow

    This guy is a dickhead. use to buy his albums. Tribe incident pete rock and. Asshole