Kanye West spazzed on Sway Calloway during his visit to Sway In The Morning this week. The outburst came after Sway questioned Kanye about his difficulties with breaking into the fashion industry on Sirius XM Shade 45. It becomes clear pretty quickly that Kanye’s frustrations – directed at Sway – are much deeper than their conversation or that particular point of contention. The pair make it known, despite the brief argument, that their respect and love for each other is intact. The anger in Kanye’s response to Sway’s questioning offers as much insight into his temper as it does the types of impediments he has dealt with in trying to plant his flag in the fashion industry. Check the footage below to watch Kanye West’s interview on Sway In The Morning. Stay tuned for more.


  • Bugz Bizarre

    You don’t got the answers Sway!!! Fuckin hilarious! That Kanye fellow…boy boy boy.

  • Enero Mckee

    Ye never looked him in the eye when he was doing all that spazzin out.

  • Monty Greer

    I’d a punched him in the face if I was Sway

  • Dicky Francis

    Eve ate the apple you goon.

    • Angel Santiago

      Both Eve and Adam ate the fruit but she did not make him. He was there while she was tempted and she offered and he accepted. Big difference from making and making a decision on your own to do something you know you shouldn’t do. Plus heaven on earth as he said? A real christian knows this isn’t heaven and that you are not to be “of the world” for the world is in sin. So he’s a liar and a deceiver which is why he is so angry because he will never add up to whats REAL and whats TRUTH

  • Dicky Francis

    “I am Warhol…Walt Disney” – will someone make this into a shirt and then mail one to Kanye. I am so tired of this guy. Just make beats and STFU man.

  • Dicky Francis

    I want to marginalize you until you’re out of your moment. Next! Pusha T beat for Numbers was dope though.

  • Live Well

    Sway checked that boy like a father checks his teenage son.

  • Dicky Francis

    This guy is the epitome of a first world problem…seriously, this guy sis af fucking goon ass goon. Dude needs help. You aint Walt mother fucking Disney you idiot, you make beats and rap. Walt Disney couldn’t make a beat dude. Did Duke Ellington scream like a little bitch because his hat designs didn’t get acknowledged by Stetson? Fuck you Kanye.

    • Live Well


  • puffyfish

    Sway’s an old, slow brain…. without any knowledge of what Kanye is speaking on, and I ain’t even a fan of Kanye.

    • Live Well

      Sway isn’t the slow one, it’s Ye. He may be a creative talent but he’s late to the party if he’s just now realizing there is a wealth gap. Kanye is saying nothing profound, bruh. It’s just now hitting him that he isn’t as exempt from this as he once believed. He’s spazzing over the feeling that he’s being held back by billionaires, therefore he’s a slave. Of course, he now uses this epiphany to lecture all of us on how we are ALL slaves so he can appear to be some sort of populist when it’s really all about his own desires. Kanye is no skilled socioeconomic thinker, he’s a swag rapper who sometimes sprinkles a little conscious ingredient in his music to make it more human. Lately, he’s just a desperate artist who’s afraid of not being wealthy. It sounds to me like Ye is predicting an income reduction as he approaches 40 while Drake enters his prime and he’s flat out scared of becoming irrelevant to youth culture. He sees fashion as the way to remain relevant and he’s mad because those french whales won’t play with him.

    • just_b

      Truth. He’s just struggling with the realization that he’s not welcome at the billionaire party. Old money doesn’t rock with new (baby) money.

    • Live Well

      Never has and never will.

    • chozr

      Its like some Great Gatsby shit.

    • Colin Ivan Lloyd

      Am I the only one that thinks this guy is on the verge of a serious breakdown???

    • Live Well

      I’m starting to get worried too. He looks like he’s about to start crying like Trey in Boyz N the Hood.

  • Ant


  • Esoteric Bee

    I have the answer Kanye ! Listen to what Sway was trying to tell you, stop buying from their factories and build your own , employ your own.

    • Live Well

      Kanye is afraid to go independent. He’s always had machine behind him.

  • Sweetbrush

    Fucking LOOK at him Kanye! The fuck is WRONG with you man!?

  • Bobby Bodega

    Kanye’s problem is he wants soooo bad to be accepted by these BIG HOUSE fashion brands, WHY?!?!?! Kanye IS a brand! F them and CREATE your own and let them come to you!!!! WAKE UP PEOPLE. Jay did it to Iceberg clothing when rocafella approached them about endorsing them, they said NO so what did he do?!? He created Rocawear and STOPPED wearing Iceberg!!!!!! Kanye YOU are being a slave to these fashion brands and by doing so BECAUSE you’re a powerful figure in pop culture you are giving them MORE power to dis you!

  • just_b

    haha I’ll love Yeezy musically until the end but I’m from Oakland first and Sway (from Oakland) gave the reality check that dude needed. “We can turn these mic’s and cameras off. You don’t have to be here”. Perfect.

    I appreciate what Kanye is trying to do creatively in fashion, but at the end of the day this isn’t about creativity. It’s about his desire for more effin dollars. “I put 13 million in year after year”. Lol oh so you spent a bunch of money and now you’re mad because you used poor business sense and it didn’t work out. Bitching at the same institutions that you’re trying to affiliate yourself with? Really? I’m done.

  • abel27

    sorry but where was this version of ye when charlemagne was goin innnnnn on his bound 2/yeezus? foh

  • abel27


  • Susan Sellers


  • pnut

    No idea what I just watched.

  • Deva Carolina Mary Laxamana-We

    damn yeezy… kind of a lil biiiiiiitch
    Respect Sway <3



  • http://www.ellication.com Al Elliott

    I think that Kanye is not being listened to… I hear you man. F— them Red Octobers… I’ll be getting them Adidas though

  • prideofNY

    Part of the problem is Sway’s long ass monologue putting him on a pedestal in the beginning.

  • Markus Tralla

    Loved the Medici reference at 17:10

  • brownstufff

    Fuck me sideways…Kanye talks a whole load of shit.

  • brownstufff

    Fucking hell this dude is different. Dyan eediat!