Kanye West "Black Skinhead" official video

UPDATE: Kanye West clarified by twitter this afternoon that the leak of the video was an actual non-strategic leak, not a a part of his “no strategy” strategy. Apparently this version is indeed a rough cut and we can expect the finished version “within the next week.” He also described himself as “heartbroken” about the slip-up and had some choice words for the perpetrator: “FUK YOU!” (See what he did there? He removed the C, which is the Roman numeral for 100 and kept it one hunna).

Kanye West just dropped a sim city/CGI porn-style video for his angry, new wavey gravy “Black Skinhead” via his website–and then took it down again, possibly an unintentional leak of an unfinished rough cut? Or more likely as a key part of the fuck-the-world, “no strategy” strategy behind the release of his recent magnum opus/garbage pile Yeezus (hey one man’s trash, etc.). The video has already–instantly–created a backlash of negative comments, and probably a whole lot of views, just as Kanye intended. Though watching his avatar bounce around and swing his virtual dong (literally!–I mean, you know, virtually) does not compete visually with some of Ye’s more ambitious visuals (or even the live SNL performance of “Black Skinhead,” really) its been my theory at least since 808s & Heartbreak that what Yeezy is really trying to do is usher us into the cyberpunk future where our digital selves are free to truly be whatever the hell we want them to be. So this may be a step in that direction. Albeit a baby step. Watch below and share your thoughts.


  • SteadyUp

    Um I can’t believe I interrupted my Magna Carta Holy Grail time for this!
    Kanye must be going through a Mid Life Crisis !

    • emilsky

      i can believe u can enjoy mchg

      u must be going thru a mid life crisis, just like jay-z

    • jd

      I disagree with that, but what you said was hilarious!

  • od-Dash

    i like this song….the video mmm not so much but i see where he was going…

  • brianvaxter


  • HipHopHead

    If Kanye is God then I finally come to understand the true definition of holy shit. wack

  • The Greatest

    Has to be fake yo… smh this is sack.

  • muthafunka

    i like it

  • coonye west

    Cant wait for this corny lame coonye west to go away…shyt was too wack

  • brenin

    i like the album. He needs to stop with these shitty CGI videos. Stick to making music, not videos. It would be better not to release shitty video like this because now any time anyone listens to this song, it will be associated with this horrible mess called a “official video”.

  • Fkknw

    This guy is what wrong with America today. Makes money and doesn’t know how to act.
    Your not a god your a jack ass with a whore

  • Fkknw

    I rather watch ray j run up in your lady again.

  • Belinda.mash

    I actually liked it.the beat and the idea behind the video
    .just something about the lyrics and video seemed disturbing…really

    • No one

      Right? Black KKK imagery throughout? I’m surprised there isn’t more being said about all the historical references, with the warriors, the scars, the crucifixions, chains, talk about the Romans… For such a simple video, it’s so chock full of violence innuendos.

    • Just Muz

      The roman reference in the song is actually an error, he says ‘I keep it 300, like the romans’… he actually means Spartans, the greek warrior race that the film 300 depicted. Therefore its a mistake to over read these lyrics for deep and complex themes, sometimes its just Kanye being too lazy to research his shit. Don’t get me wrong, I love the album, but part of its charm is the sketchy lyrics.

  • Durtyleg

    Kanye ” SOUTH” what’s the point ?

  • Ohhej

    Its a leak im sure you all know that I hope.
    kanye is all about stay original, so yeah, he puts some different shit together and we arent use to it but we cant sit there and call it wack cause its some new shit.

  • Derrick

    Love the song but this video seems VERY unfinished to me. Can’t be the end product.

  • Newand4

    This dude Kanye LEAKED HIS OWN SHIT

  • Justin suh is gay

    That shit is dope!
    Justin Suh aka jihoon suh is a gay fag bitch boy coon!

  • Jack Alexander

    Did anyone else see that long dick towards the end when he runs to the camera

  • Zippo Hebs

    i like the worn-out playstation cutscene vibe

    and when he looks like a melted dead space action figure

  • TruHead

    You fuckers expect too much. Just watch and listen. All these internet hip hop critics are sickening. I’ll be at your place of employment tomorrow to critique your performance.

  • Gothousand

    It’s cool the lyrics is on some revolutionary sht but it doesn’t mean anything when your living in the opposite.

  • Jesus

    Get used to it white america it will only get wort. you deserve it.