Jay-Z festival Philadelphia

ok. so the ENTIRE weekend EVERYBODY has been blowing my phone up with “why is Jay Z coming to philadelphia for to make an announcement with Mayor Nutter?! and will you be a part of the press conference?” i just lied with “duh….i dunno”

i’ll say that in my top 10 secrets this is definitely like the number 4 secret i’ve held the longest. since the press announcement starts at 10:30 i said i will at least jump the gun a couple of mins because its too exciting to hold in.

of the information i can say, it is that Philadelphia is one lucky city. this summer alone will see 3 music festivals: The Roots Picnic, Wawa’s Welcome America 4th Of July Extravaganza, & for Labor Day? Budweiser & his Hovness will bring you a two day festival, with an artist roster big enough to rival Philly’s Live Aid from 85. entitled Made in America. We can safety assume that Jay Z will headline said event.

(if i name the other 30 acts scheduled to appear (you’ll all have to wait til next monday for that news) i will have officially become Hov’s 100th problemo and Nutter will Osage Ave up my momma’s home) Let’s just say I’ve seen the roster wish list fand i gotta say that of all the major players this year in America (Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, Essence) THIS one is the sure shot bullseye festival. i’ll be there whether I’m —ahem working it—or not working it.

portion of the tickets sales will go to charity (United Way of Greater Philadelphia & South Jersey—-thank GOD cause lord knows we need this star power to raise money for them)

ticketmaster and live nation will have tixs on sale May 23rd

Fairmount Park aint seen this much love since The Fresh Prince sang about its beauty in “Summertime” see y’all Sept 1st and 2nd folks!

stay tuned to okayplayer for more info!



  • Jessica

    I hope the tickets are affordable

    • DB

      $99 bucks Jessica

  • mc

    Mixed feeling about this The Roots Pucknick is thumbs up all day but if jay invites maybach and Young money its going to be a disaster for The festival and our already tarnished (violence) image. There will be multiple incidents im taking all bets.

  • Lilly Maples

    This news is peaceful, but your mention of the 1985 Move bombing that killed 11 innocent men, women and children not so peaceful, it boarder lines tasteless. If you are not going to support bringing justice to this case please don’t use it as reference for humor. Peace and love!

  • blaqjustiz

    You’ve told us what’s going on in the city, but for how long? Jay is here now but for how long will this event be? Today is Monday. Will it be an all week thing.. a 2day thing? What?