House Shoes x J Dilla - "In The Streets" (breakdown)

Detroit’s unofficial ambassador to the United Nations, DJ/producer House Shoes puts his stamp on the excellent Bling47 Breaks series, placing the J Dilla classic “In The Streets” under the microscope to reveal the tiny figure of Ringo Starr waving back at us. Shoes sums up the flip of Starr’s “Occopella” as only “the last Mohican” can (“Dumbest sh*t ever in life” I think is how he expressed it). Watch below for the full webisode, which apparently has been in the works for quite a while.

props to B47


  • Jericho Drumm

    You know what’s so fucked up about this series; is that you can’t find any of these tracks…ANYWHERE!!!! Not all, but the BANGERS; like this track and “No.”

    It’s not fair!

    • Jericho Drumm

      …spoke to soon; this track is on iTunes.

      Thank you White Jesus!