Just when you think Eddie Murphy is finished singing and all is right with the world, he goes back to the booth to spit hot fire (shouts to Dylan). This time he has decided to drag Snoop Dogg (or as I see people referring to him these days Snoop Dogg-Lion) down with him on the cookie cutter reggae track “Redlight” – a one-off single that is hopefully the last of its kind. The only explanation we have for this is that Snoop called Eddie up on his opulent phone and said, Yo. We need to do some sh**zle like that “You don’t have to put on the red liiiight” scene in 48 Hours!”–and then at some point they forgot they were joking and decided to just go for it.

Whether this was intended to be humorous or not, your first inclination will be to laugh out loud and you should probably follow it. This footage is a fountain of comedic gold and that is where its redeeming qualities begin and end. Well, no. That’s not true. This is still better than “Accidental Racist.” While the message is all irie and über-positive, it just isn’t enough for this track to grab anyone outside of Yo Gabba Gabba‘s target audience. The sensitively thuggish adlibs toward the end of the track are also hilarious, but nothing is funnier than Eddie Murphy’s refusal to put the mic down. If only this were available in HD! As it stands today, Eddie Murphy’s singing career may have taken a few steps back. A retrospective of his storied catalog should make one thing abundantly clear: “Boogie In Your Butt” was way, way better than “Redlight” will ever be. Check the video below and head over to LargeUp for the official breakdown of this foolishness.

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  • jd

    Not bad…

  • Il

    I like it

  • Marcel Samson

    Hardly as bad as is implied here. Also, don’t act as if snoop’s music is any form of high art, lol….

  • PandaBlue

    Olayplayer and their writers are blacked out. Literally. You idiots think this is bad music? In this day and age this is gold. Naw, platinum. Yea, I said it.

  • yippee

    If Neville Garrick (2:58) is grooving and not cringing then the vibe is fine. Feel the love OKP, feel the love.

  • Ibrahim Kafani Hassan Cisse

    not bad at all !!! the review that whoever wrote was wack , if you read it you might not even listen to the track !!!

  • mycool79

    am i the only one who watched The Best of Eddie Murphy SNL, “kill the white people” , he does good in reggae. LSIAB

    • SenseOffender

      Exactly what that reminded me off …”Kill the white people, yeah, but buy my record first”! Tyronne and his reggae band 😀

  • Gretch

    this is good… I see the writer didn’t sign this slander fest with their name… coward

  • Stekis

    This is good, comeon, dont hate!

  • Kalo de 78

    such parody.

  • El Rey

    OKP, give me your keys, you’re drunk. We understand that it’d be fashionable to pan a song with Eddie Murphy and Snoop Lion, but you could at least not make it look like LargeUp is hating as hard as you guys.

  • Kwab

    This is tight! – OKP is hating on Eddie Murph, song is not that bad haha