Charlie Murphy Claims Stevie Wonder Was A Boxer In A New 'True Hollywood Story'

If we are take him at his word, Charlie Murphy has see some weird and wild shit in his time. The man’s True Hollywood Story segment on Chappelle Show has become damn-near-iconic since its original run, cementing Prince as a purveyor of pick-up basketball and pancakes, Rick James as the poster-child for cocaine’s perils.

But what if we told you there were tales left off the show or its bonus disc? What if Charlie told you that he’d once been to Stevie Wonder’s studio and saw him not only box, but catch a frisbee out of midair? You don’t have to think too hard about that one, as Murphy has graced TVOne with a new True Hollywood Story from last night’s episode of Unsung, that, while short, is every bit as brilliant as his Chappelle Show musings on The Purple One and the leader of The Stone City Band.

You can watch Charlie Murphy tell his hilarious Stevie Wonder story down below. Seeing as how it doesn’t appear that we’ll get any new Chappelle Show in the foreseeable future, this is basically the next best thing. Hit play and let it take you into your next binge-watching session.


  • They just need to have a Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories web series.