See How A Tweet Lead To Brasstracks Producing Chance The Rapper's "No Problems"

Photo of Brasstracks courtesy of YouTube.

Gaining success in your profession usually takes a mix of talent, luck, and hard work. This is something Grammy Award winning production duo Brasstracks knows all too well.

Genius just put out a new video deconstructing how the previously unknown Brasstracks ended up producing the smash hit “No Problems” for Chance The Rapper.

In the video, the duo said they sent Chance a tweet saying how they would like to see him hop on one of their songs. Chance retweeted the comment and then followed the duo. They then hopped into Chance’s DMs… and the rest is history.

See what happens when you grab hold of even a little opportunity?

The other interesting thing we learned from this video is the fact that there are no samples on the song. The duo actually had their own choir sing “all the words in my mouth are righteous” and then proceeded to speed up the vocals.

Pretty cool. See the entire video for yourself below.

H/T: Genius