Common Talks to Big Boy on Power 106 L.A.

Common stopped by Big Boy‘s neighborhood (his neighborhood is the listenership of greater Los Angeles, FYI) to talk about what’s going on with him. Which is mostly personal, judging by this clip from the Power 106 L.A. interview.  Com weighs in on the relationship with Serena Williams that he apparently just got out of, his longstanding friendship with Kanye West and how it’s changed (or not) since Kim Kardashian came into Ye’s life and–the only remotely musical topic touched here–which of his G.O.O.D. music labelmates he would throw out of a life raft to keep it from sinking (two guesses and the first two condiments don’t count). I’m jus’ assuming this snippet is from a longer interview which will yield some other nuggets on music and movies and maybe other g.o.o.d. stuff in the near future. Watch below and stay tuned.


  • BenZilla Stewart

    On thing though I thought Common didn’t support interracial relationship though? Not that I’m judging him, I just seem to remember that. No Disrespect. Com is one of my favs!

    • R M

      He stated that in an interview that was 8 years ago, but it would seem his perspective has changed which happens with most people. We become more nuanced in our beliefs as we mature and gain more life experience.