Long Live A$AP Review
Long Live A$AP review by Big Ghost.

Ayo whattup you now in the presence of the grand imperial Big Ghost AKA the mighty Volcano Hands otherwise known as the one n only Phantom Raviolis or the majestic Galaxy Knuckles AKA Shampoo Bracelets the panty melter….or the infamous Spartacus Deluxe yo. Bein that its the Xmas season n shit tho you can call me Holiday Zeus. Once again back in the okayplayer building for ya pleasure…we bout to go on this journey into the music of a dude who about a year n change ago woulda needed some kinda introduction but now he probably dont need shit…my boy A$AP Rocky. Anybody who peeped my Best Shit Of 2011 list already knows the god proclaimed the LiveLoveA$AP mixtape one of the best joints of the year… Truth be told tho I had K.R.I.T. Return Of 4Eva at number one on my list but Ionno what I was thinkin cuz I really actually fucks wit the Rocky joint A LOT more son. But thats neither here nor there or whatever b. Bottom line is I thought the mixtape was dope. Originally sons label was gon drop a retail version of the mixtape but the shit aint transpire that way namsayin. Personally I was a little disappointed nahmean when I heard he wasnt gon be droppin that shit cuz I be coppin physical copies like a muthafucka b. But after he hit us off wit the “Goldie” joint (all the way the fuck back in April) I was like yoooo….son jus changed up his whole shit….but this THAT WORK! So all a sudden now Im hype…Im ready…if he do a whole album at THIS level he gon kill the game. Straight up n down son. What happened tho? Not a muthafuckin thing b. But I aint bitter. Lotta shit dropped this year n son always managed to keep hisself out there doin features n droppin shit like the A$AP Mob joint n whatnot. But here it is…at last yo. The shit was pose to drop in 2013 but leaked a month early nahmean. No doubt thats probably gon fuck up sons sales n shit but the question is IS this muthafuckin album worth coppin in the first place? Lets find out yo… Now bein that this aint the gods domains Imma have to hit yalls wit that legal disclaimer shit again first namsayin..


The views n shit in this muthafucka is all my owns…so that aint in no way a reflection of nobody other than myself n whatever whatever. No other man or woman or child represented heretofore n such hereby is sharin the opinion of the gentleman who be sayin the shit contained within namsayin. This muthafucka do be containin foul language n shit that might offend small children n old people n shit too.

Aight now that we got that bullshit out the way let me fire up my wok n throw that titanium apron over my neck n get this shit flammbayin.

1. “Long Live A$AP” – Aight coo…so we off to a decent start right out the gate. This shit coulda slid up on the mixtape n woulda fit right in probably b. It dont really SOUND like nothin in particular from the Live.Love.A$AP joint but it got the right vibe nahmean. Son aint really change his style or nothin neither but he definitely tightened up his shit. The hook is some other shit tho… But Imma assume the n**ga Rocky aware of the fact he singin like 4 octaves outta his muthafuckin range yo.

2. “Goldie” – This shit kinda old now (still fresher than a muthafucka tho) but I aint never get to speak on it like that before…so Imma do that right now. Basically this my favorite beat of the whole damn year tho (cue uptight 90s baby talmbout NAH DAT ILL MIND OF HOPSIN 5 BEAT DOE U HATERRRR!! ). N**gas can hate on the lyrics cuz son really aint sayin shit for a dude who was named after Rakim aka William Griffith Jr. or one half of the illustrious Eric B & Rakim (Word is bond they had some joints…google em yung) but you cant say he aint do the beat justice cuz son was snappin on that shit far as Im concerned b. I aint sayin he bodied it wit his complex verbal acrobatics or whatever…he jus complimented it the right way namsayin…same way a new Tyga joint compliments the recycle bin on ya computer.

3. “PMW (All I Really Need)” f/ ScHoolboy Q – Speakin of one thing complimentin the other…. These muthafuckas got some real chemistry b. Niggas might need to unite n join forces or form a duo or whatever sound the least suspect n shit namsayin. Its always refreshin to hear some trill shit over a dope T-Minus beat without a YMCMB member hoppin on that muthafucka n spritzin that fuckouttahereness all over the track. Shit actually sounds like a hundred other T-Minus joints but that aint a bad thing cuz son usually got that fly shit on deck…it jus happens that a lotta corny niggas be jumpin on them heaters he be cookin up. The hook on this muthafucka is jus some basic n**ga shit nahmean….(but what ya gon do right!). It aint on the “Brand New Guy” level but its a dope record regardless yo. I fucks with this shit heavy.

4. “LVL” – Clams Casino back up in this muthafucka finally… In case you aint kno, thats the dude who responsible for half the joints from the mixtape. When you think of that A$AP sound you SHOULD be thinkin bout Clams Casinos beats bruh. This shit is jus cold. Its like somebody gave a martian a MPC n told him to whip up some alien work on that muthafucka. Shit is interstellar…like NASA intercepted some transmissions from the delta quadrant of a the Milky Way or whatever n somebody threw a drumbeat on it nahmean.

5. “Hell” f/ Santigold – Clams 2 for 2 on the dope ambient space beats so far… Shit sounds like the soundtrack for the planets collidin n shit. Its colossal yet its beautiful yo. I aint heard a beat this gorgeous in a minute namsayin. Im listenin to this shit thinkin how he balancin out the beauty of the track wit that supreme ignorance n makin it sound effortless yo? Santigold elevated this shit tho…without her the shit was majestic…wit her added to the track the joint was heavenly. Word is bond.

6. “Pain” f/ OverDoz – This the first ehhh moment on the album for me son. Aint een like the joint wack it jus aint the same high caliber fire as the first 5 tracks namsayin. I fucks wit it tho. Its good background music for like when you at some elegant type affair like a gala or a swarrray or some shit where muthafuckas be air kissin on both sides of ya cheeks….n you be layin in the cut havin some olives n gorgonzolas wit some wine you dont kno how to pronounce n whatever whatever…

7. “Fuckin Problems” f/ 2 Chainz, Drake & Kendrick Lamar – I gotta hate/hate relationship wit this joint b…I hate the fuckin song first n foremost but what I hate most is that the shit probably gon grow on me in some form or fashion if I keep playin this album nahmean. Not even a Kendrick verse saved this shit for me. The concept is some lame shit bout how niggas got fuckin problems cuz they likes fuckin so whats the fuckin problem? …some not-so-fuckin-thought-out shit like that is what. But broads fuck wit shit like this heavy so naturally niggas in the 2 thousand n now stay makin corny shit like this n yall soulless niggas stay pretendin that yall actually enjoy fuck shit like this in order to pull hoes at the club. So first off we got Chainz on the hook. Ayo listen b….I fucks wit that n**ga Tauheed’s music on the low but this hook is so ass I feel like he was tryin to sabotage the track forreal yo. I heard 40 produced the track which is whatever but it really aint surprise me to see “C. Papi” on the damn credits next to his name. That explains the vagina sauce comin out the speakers right there yo. The nigga Aubrey probably twerkin in the stu like “Awwwwwwwwww Noah yeaaaaaah jus keep doin it like thaaaaaaaaaaaaat Noaaaaaah…put some more bitch on that muthafuckin beat my   niggaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!” First off lemme get this off my chest…if you a grown man…or even jussa male PERIOD n you be callin Drake by his muthafuckin “Champagne Papi” alias….you a hoe b. Fuckouttahere wit that. Same go for any nigga who refer to Rocky as Pretty Flacko. Call that nigga by any his other names or even jus Flacko….but soon as you put the Pretty n the Flacko together you jus got issues b. If you seen the video you already seen Drizzy makin 12 fuckboy facial expressions per second n all the way the fuck overdone hand gestures he be usin errday errday. I kno shit like this jus falls on deaf ears n shit…but yall really lettin a sheep in wolf’s clothing infiltrate the game tho. This the problem wit rap tho…niggas is refusin to play they positions. Ey’body wanna be a lion n nobody wanna be the other animals in the jungle nahmean…. So we got mad monkeys n flamingos n hedgehogs actin like they lions. Shit is disruptin the whole circle of life b. Meanwhile Rocky spit that line that go “all these muthafuckas wanna dress like me” n so what happens? Kendrick gon show up to the video shoot dressed pretty much exactly the same as that nigga. Ion een understand these muthafuckas sometimes yo….

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  • http://twitter.com/messejorgan

    I agree… Even with your vernacular!

  • Mixtapes are sounding better than albums because there are less restraints on them (e.g. on features, samples etc…).

  • Guest

    are we just ignoring the fact that dude A$AP and his homies send off some serious homosexual vibe?

    • virginthighs

      fuk off

    • Haha! Ignoring? Not at all. Dresses and such.

  • Olaorun67

    I mean if you listen to the Mixtape right before this one…there is not comparison. The Mixtape is a winner hands down. This album lacked the same type hype and aura as the first. I can listen to the first one track after track no skipping…This one just lacked any real consistent vibe and angst. It felt forced as if “I gotta capture the hunger of the Mixtape!” but it failed for ME badly. And the niggas do come off SGL but who doesn’t these days and it don’t bother me. And by the way the ultra hip-hop vernacular you use in the review is corny as hell and distracting from what you are trying to say, cut dat shit out quick.

    • He’s doing the review in character. Part of the reason he has such a following.

    • Are you unfamiliar with Big Ghostfase? You herb.

    • Pmoney

      second that fools herbness

    • Kaleb

      You are a faggot

  • Name

    why do you type like a fucking retard?

    • lol this guy doesn’t know big ghost… slip.

    • BDYRTC

      It’s obvious you’re not familiar with this cat…his vernacular is a play on Ghostface Killah, it’s how his blog became famous in the first place. He has a very well-known hip-hop music review blog which blew up because of the very same style you’re dissing. It’s cool if you don’t like it, but just chill with it then because there are thousands of other people that dig it. Don’t know why he released this review on this site in the first place.

    • AW

      I’ve seen it referenced before that he is supposed to have some kind of connection to Ghostface Killah -that he is him, or his vernacular is a play on him- however, I dont hear the connection. Their names are similar Big Ghost and Ghostface Killah, however this dude is not Ghostdini and I doubt is even trying to sound like him.

    • Darrel Hawkins

      your a moron. i have it on HIGH regard this dude is a staten island KING. and is affiliated with the clan since 36 chambers. now go fuck yourself son.

    • goldrimkilla

      stfu and learn new way to speak b.

  • You gotta check out and do reviews on the Purple Swag remix and the Pretty Flacko remix. they are both out. Free DL’s from shazam and the other from pre-ordering the album from Rocky’s site.

    • Los21

      Snow tha product killed Pretty Flacko
      Wale killed Purple Swag
      Twista absolutely murdered Purple Swag

  • yo

    yo I don’t know how you can fuck wit that skrillex joint. so weak.

    in addition, there is no cohesion to the record. its just a collection of decent tracks without the ambience LiveLove had.

    Maybe I’m unfairly comparing it but I just really ain’t feeling the record.

    Unfortunately tho my desire to like it has me listening at least once a day and now I’m starting to like Problems and it makes me feel dirty.

    If theres any reason to hate on this record is the fact that I’m not skipping an aubrey track.

  • TheBatBoy

    ASAP Rocky sucks at rapping
    that brings down the album 1 full star for me

  • GD

    English Mother-Fucker. Do You Speak it?
    And every song i’ve heard off the new ASAP album has been the shit.

    • And, another one.. Ass, that is. You fxx with Future’s bitch-ass, too, don’t you?

    • Son…you’re dick riding too hard.

    • goldrimkilla

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    • Homo thugs are crazy these days.

    • goldrimkilla

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    • First you name yourself after me now you want to stick your dick in my mouth.

      Don’t you have a Frank Ocean article to comment on?

    • goldrimkilla

      if you dont know what STFU means, obviously u like the conversation. Hi My name is GoldenRimz and i am in the closet — come out rimzy —

      Rimzy, here r 2 suggestions
      1. change ur handle — golden rimz is as bad as a rusty trombone and
      2. never ever ever use the phrase: dik ridin too hard — never ever again — it shows ur inner gay

      If u got a point to make, u can say it in a million other ways than come off as an a$$hole… literally

    • Obviously my handle isn’t too bad since…you know, you made it your own. And you’re dick riding even harder than the other guy. Here’s a better piece of advice: Don’t try to expose anyone’s ‘inner gay’ when you haven’t gone a single post toward me without mentioning a dick or an asshole.

      Good day, son. That’s a body.

    • goldrimkilla

      Rimzzzy, i am not exposing your inner homo erectus — you are doing that yourself.

    • You already lost. Pack up and go home. Try again later.

  • Fafa

    Son, I agree with you on most of this shit but come on; don’t call that nonsense drum ‘n’ bass skrillex trash the future just because it’s not a hiphop beat

  • dude

    this is so poorly typed I can’t read this garbage

    • Another ass that’s had their head up their ass… Yeah, YOU!!

    • Fuck Kel -__-

      Stfu. It’s apart of his schtick.

  • Folariney

    Waitin on that Rocky/Diplo/Psy collab tho

  • Al from Sydney

    100% agree, but it is unfair to compare anything to LiveLoveA$ap – every track on that mixtape is just on a different level.

  • am

    I have not heard this CD yet. But the review was hilarious. I’m in tears dying laughing. At first I was like why is dude typing the way he talk but then it just go funnier and funner. This is the best raw review I have ever read. LOl

    • Darrel Hawkins

      there are tons from ghostface killah, he is a reviewing legend

    • am

      I’m going to have to look for those reviews. But I can’t read them at work because he had me looking crazy trying not to laugh but then laughing silently. LOL!

    • am

      Okay found Ghost blog. Dude is the truth. People shouldn’t even get their feelings hurt when the man is telling the truth.

    • Nilved Neb

      It’s not Ghostface Killah, it’s Big Ghost. They’re different people.

  • Darrel Hawkins


  • B

    keep it up Ghost

  • Drake is my favorite rapper…..but man I love the Big Ghost reviews. Just hilarious

  • John Dario

    This is def not as good as LiveLove. But lets remember when Drake released his debut in Thank Me Later and it was such a dissapointment vs So Far Gone and he came back with arguably a classic in Take Care….ASAP has that kind of talent. Just needs more time to find his sound and he will make a better album. Can’t wait for the next one.

    • Kaleb

      This nigga just suggested that Take Care is a classic? lmao

  • Bludski


  • “Drakegina”

    so jus-, just drop down and get yo eagle on.

  • this review is better than the album!

  • DaGinga

    This was one of the funniest reviews I have ever read lmao “I wanna wild the fuck out n throw a sofa at a muthafucka for no reason b”

  • Rico

    “For the love of music tho…navigate this n**ga away from any mics in the future PLEASE.”

  • M.H. Life


  • dOC


  • Collected Talker

    Big Ghost! Never Fails!