OKP Exclusive: Big Ghost’s A$AP Rocky “Long.Live.A$AP” Review

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Long Live A$AP Review (cont’d):

8. “Wild For The Night” – Skrillex on the beat? Word? YO. GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. TA. HERE. B! Skrillex? SKRILLEX???? That was my reaction when I first heard bout this shit namsayin. But soon as that beat dropped on this joint….son. The intro bein on some ragamuffin shit n whatever….yo that shit made me wanna roll a spliff n throw on a mesh tank top n politic wit the natty dreads round the way n shit b. The screwed vocals is a nice touch too… Then at the :45 second mark the shit jus flips. Im like the fuck is THIS shit yo? How they gon fu…. Yooooo this shit kinda aight son. Its mad synthesizer shit goin on here but I actually aint mad at it at all son…YO WHAT THE FUCKS THAT HIGH PITCHED BIRD SIREN SHIT THO??? NAAAAWWWWW….that shit is fuckin ILL yo. Son I fucks wit this shit so hard it aint een a joke….like we gotta problem here dog. That WI WI WI WI WI WEEEOOOOOUUU WI WI WI WI WI WI WI WEEEEOOOOOUUUUU shit should be gettin on my nerves n instead I wanna wild the fuck out n throw a sofa at a muthafucka for no reason b. Shit is the future my n**ga.

9. “1 Train” f/ Kendrick Lamar, Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson & Big K.R.I.T. – “Oh shit…lookit that lineup yo. Imma jus g’head n declare this shit a classic without listenin to it even famz” said the nigga who drank the kool aid. Now I aint one to go against the grain jus for the sake of goin against the grain but I aint all the way fuckin wit this joint like that. ONE…its too many muthafuckas on this shit (like I said…its a thin line between Banned From TV n shit like the “One Blood” remix that had like 70s niggas on it) n TWO this beat needed to change at some point yo….shit jus aint powerful enough to rock for 6 mins b…it aint “The Symphony.” This aint the muthafuckin “I Shot Ya” remix… But how the same Hit-Boy that made Goldie produce this beat too? The little strings n the boom bap drums is cool…n niggas is spittin n whatever…but to me the shit was jus coo….the shit was aight…. it wasnt like some timeless classic shit or nothin tho. 90s babies declared it the greatest posse cut of all times already tho so what Imma say to change that….

10. “Fashion Killa” – Ionno why son felt like he needed to cater to broads this excessively yo. His shit already appeals to females without him goin straight Aubrey Graham on em. This is some Spandau Ballet type shit tho. Shit is jus o.d. corny my n**ga. The hook on this song like…

Rocky: Her pistol go…

Broad: Bang bang, boom boom, pop pop…


Shit sounds like somethin from Pink Friday or some bullshit like that. I aint een make it to the second verse tho….Skiiiiip

11. “Phoenix” – Son gettin back to what he be doin best… talkin wild shit over a beautiful ass beat. Its like he hears that shit n knows he cant jus approach the beat on some all the way sucker shit. Lotta niggas from this era…or The Estrogeneration© feel like they gotta talk bout overcoming mad obstacles n makin they moms proud n all that corny bittersweet shit over n over n over again nahmean. Like….Im sayin this coulda been some ‘Lookit me now Im on top of the world forreal n n**gas thought I would never ever make it but Im crazy famous n successful now but Im still sad’ type shit (or what I be callin that Eeyore Cole Syndrome) or ‘Lookit me now Im on top of the world forreal n n**gas thought I would never ever make it but Im crazy famous n successful now n oh is that yo girl? Oops I jus fucked yo girl wit my imagination’ type shit (or what I be callin Medium Sean Disorder) or ‘Lookit me now Im on top of the world forreal n n**gas thought I would never ever make it but Im crazy famous n successful now n guuuurl I kno you aint jus walk up in here wit the new Celine Nano bag *gasp* ohmuhgoooooodenss that shit aint een out til next Spring’ type shit (or what I be callin Drakegina). Instead he jus approached it on some ‘Im doin real good n niggas gon hate but fuck it’ type shit.

12. “Suddenly” – Man… for the first couple minutes this shit is jus laid back as fuck. If he filtered that sample out any more you wouldnt even hear it yo. But even tho the beat wild mellow he jus spittin like he rhymin over a Just Blaze banger from ’03 or some shit. But yeah I fucks wit this shit.

Bonus Tracks

13. “Jodye” – This shit is jus some more harmless warning shots fired at SpaceghostPurrp aka SPVCXXGHXZTPVRRP n Raider Klan (or RVIDXR KLVN) without sayin any em niggas names n rapped over one those amateur ass soudin beats that SpaceghostPurrp be speacializin in makin.

14. “Ghetto Symphony” f/ Gunplay & A$AP Ferg – Might need a “sans Ferg” version of this joint right here. The beat hard as fuck son. Rocky did his thing (even tho he wildin sayin he spittin like 3 Stacks on this) but Gunplay kinda stole the show here forreal. Ionno how that dude be catchin so many Ls in life n still got the confidence to step in a booth n leave a beat slumped like this but he be doin that yo. Meanwhile Ferg got the nerve to anchor this shit n say he bout to spit like Big Boi since Rocky spittin like Andre n then son commences to rap like ya muthafuckin drunk uncle or some shit instead. For the love of music tho…navigate this n**ga away from any mics in the future PLEASE.

15. “Angels” – The beat sounds like some Nutcracker shit but its actually kinda fly as fuck…Son jus snappin on this tho nahmean. Not a whole lot else I can say bout that. But hell yeah I fucks wit it. Matter fact I think he shoulda replaced “Fashion Killa” wit this joint or “Ghetto Symphony.” Word.

16. “I Come Apart” f/ Florence Welch – My illegal download of the album aint had this joint on it so I aint really got nothin to say bout it namsayin.

Anyhow yo…first couple times I listened to this shit I wasnt too impressed. But the more I hear it the more I fucks wit it. But personally I still dont get how n**gas can put out dope mixtapes n then when it comes time to drop they album they usually cant match that shit song for song n redeliver (see Big K.R.I.T.). Far as this shit go…I was actually feelin more than half the joints. And it was only a couple tracks that I gotta permaskip from this day forward n whatever nahmean. Overall the shit was dope. He aint knock it out the park like I thought he could but son still delivered namsayin. Shit still wasnt fuckin wit the mixttape tho.

Aight peace.

Score: I give this shit 4 Zeus Slaps outta 5

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A$AP Rocky‘s highly-anticipated Long.Live.A$AP is due out January 15, 2013. Pre-order it on iTunes here.

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