Beyonce Covers Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor" Live In New Orleans

Beyonce Covers Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor" Live In New Orleans

by zo
3 years ago

Beyonce Covers Lauryn Hill's "Ex-Factor" Live In New Orleans

It appears folks in Brooklyn last night weren’t the only ones getting treated to some love of the L-Boog kind, as Beyonce treated a packed house in New Orleans to a fiery cover of Lauryn Hill‘s heartbreak anthem of the decade “Ex-Factor.” Bear in mind, we don’t typically fill these spaces with fan videos, but once you lay your eyes upon the supreme spectacle that is Jayonce..err..Bey Z’s..umm…The Carter Family’s On The Run Tour, you’ll be thanking us. The Bae took to her standing throne with full band and back-ups in tow to belt out one of the most powerful renditions I’ve heard of the track since Miss Hill’s own.

All to the backdrop of a smoldering fire and lavender strobes, signifying (at least to this writer) the travesty that Miss Hill cannot play that very ballad in that very manner (due to legal issues, of course.) But hell, if L-boog can’t do it, I ain’t mad at Bae. At least someone’s hearing it. As for the (mis)educated one, she lit her own fires last night at BK’s Brooklyn Bowl, capping off a sold-out two night affair and according to a few OKP staffers, it was indeed magical. We’ll have more on Lauryn’s performance later today, but if you’re itching for the Brownsville bomber’s sonic stamp, peep Beyonce’s take on “Ex-Factor” below.

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