Aaron McGruder confirms lack of involvement on 'The Boondocks' Season 4

The Boondocks‘ long-awaited 4th season may leave some fans feeling conflicted ahead of its impending debut with the news that creator and executive producer Aaron McGruder had no involvement in the production. Adult Swim reportedly confirmed McGruder’s absence from the upcoming season in a recent press release, which stated:

“this season was produced without the involvement of Aaron McGruder, when a mutually agreeable production schedule could not be determined.​”

The news confirms the fears of some fans, who suspected that McGruder might not have been involved after he announced on Facebook via the Black Jesus page that The Boondocks‘ account had been hijacked:

“Just found out someone has hijacked THE BOONDOCKS Facebook page. This was done without my permission and I have absolutely no control over the content being posted as of Friday, March 14.”

Though McGruder has issued no official statement on the matter, he has reportedly confirmed that he has not had any involvement in the upcoming season. There has been no word from Adult Swim or Aaron McGruder regarding what prompted his lack of involvement. The Boondocks is set to begin airing all new episodes on April 21st. The new season follows a four-year hiatus that had many fans fretting over whether the show would actually return. Now that the show is set to air without its fearless leader at helm, it will be interesting to see what fans think.

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  • Here’s hoping they don’t sabotage things.

  • Peabo Bronson

    The third season wasn’t the greatest anyway… maybe it needs some new life. Nonetheless, it’s a shame they are proceeding without the creator.

  • D.A.

    Have my fingers crossed.

  • Tiggerific

    There is no way I’m watching without Aaron at the helm. Sorry. Not. gonna. Happen. It’s like Chappelle Show without Dave.

    • Nick88999

      Dont kid yourself u idiot, you’re still gonna end up watching it just like the rest of us.

    • Citrus Citrus

      Grow up. He’s not an idiot just because he’s loyal.

  • Prince Gumball

    Completely different shows, I know, but the fourth season of Community was produced without creator Dan Harmon and it was terrible. Now he’s back on the fifth and it’s brilliant again.

    Here’s hoping the same happens with The Boondocks. I’ll stick by it but my hopes aren’t getting up.

  • ThievesAndLiars

    Remember Gargoyles without Greg Weisman? Ren and Stimpy without Jon K? Of course you don’t because when the creative mind behind an amazing show leaves, it isn’t that show anymore. It becomes a new show. Steal the title, copy the characters, hell bring in all the same voice actors it doesn’t make any difference. This show IS NOT The Boondocks. It is a sad, sorry, cheap imitation of the real thing. Don’t fool yourself into thinking anything less.


      Ren and stimpy was better without Jon K

  • jon

    Its going to be like when fergie joined the black eyed peas! Nooooo. Ill still give it a try

  • d

    Boo…won’t b watching

  • ssar

    Haven’t watched it since the 2nd season so…

    • MACHA

      Season 3 is written almost entirely by McGruder. It’s worth your time.

  • Nancy

    It’s like when The Game aired its new season with BET and everyone hated the weird cinematic, novella/soap opera that the series transformed into. What a shame.

    • km.t ali

      yo the boondocks v. the game is by all metrics a false equivalence… no matter how you stack it, this aint that! respect due

  • Matt G


  • bleedcoltsblue

    I’m MAD

  • FellaLBC

    I have to watch so I can see if a Mcgruder – less Boondocks is worth my time. It says he wasn’t involved in production…does that mean he had no creative input in the writing or art work?

    • stinkmeaner

      Gotta give it a chance, maybe the new writers aren’t that bad…..??

    • ForrestWhitaker

      sucks dont it ?
      How the hell are they gonna end the episode with the family being slaves to the white man? with no uprising, nothing. SMH

  • John Jay

    Same story over and over again…melanin produces and leeches rob

  • Evan Webb-Stuart


  • Rik Clarke

    After learning of this news, i’m actually alittle scared…

    • Joe_Kickass

      Go watch the trailer for season 4. It looks hilarious.

    • Rik Clarke

      already did. Yes it looks good. But i hope it wont just be about hilarious violence. I like my Boondocks with comedy but with things that make you think as well

  • ForrestWhitaker

    They ruined the show

  • DameloSuave

    Thus far, I’m highly disappointed. Not the same satire & biting wit; nor the understanding from which Aaron made the jokes – now it seems more like laughing at, not with…shame

  • ccmyplaymate

    The writing of the 4th season is whack it obviously lacks McGruder’s humor and sense of history and pop culture. This show is NOT THE SAME. Its essence has been stripped from it. Bring the shows creator back!

  • LogisticLove

    I personally think the 4th Season sucks so far! Where is the moral lesson that Huey brings to summarize the story? Why the hell is the theme song so dry? Can’t you use the old one? Sheesh.. whoever took over should’ve closely studied the work that was previously done.

  • ryan

    i feel this new season has changed too much without him. before, the show’s racism was tolerable becuz there was always a message involved. now, tho, i feel like its just racist becuz apparently its funny to be racist nowadays. the show has also been doing waaay to much uncle ruckus. before he was funny as hell becuz he came in a small dosage. when u have whole episodes of him saying off the wall stuff about black people, ur just like, “ok, enough already.” the show lost its core, literally and figuratively.

  • Mary Sue

    I decided to check the cartoon out, to see if they did the show justice. The didn’t. There’s so much wrong with it now. It’s so insulting. The Grandad is is pathetic. I used to crack up at every episode, not any more. This is messed up.

  • Ishmail Deco

    its trash.

  • Çharles Dent

    This should have never been allowed to happen. This 4th season we have been awaiting is NOT Boondocks. Miss you Aaron. This whole
    sham of an effort should itself be an episode well written. RIP.

  • Damn Aaron.

  • This season of The Boondocks was kinda lame yeah it had a few laughable moments but overall that shit was pretty whack and it’s not just cause Aaron left cause I didn’t notice he wasn’t in the credits until the Kardashian episode and by that time I knew the show was headed downhill and it’s sad because with all the crazy stuff going on in the world from the emergence of Instagram to the death of Trayvon Martin I thought The Boondocks was gonna deliver their 2 cents on the subjects… I was really looking forward to seeing a scene of Ed and Rumy robbing a house and Ed keeps posing for selfies, but NOPE I was disappointed, Having The Boondocks is like having a sandwich without bread, yeah it’s still food (a show) but it’s just not the same. In conclusion, I’m looking forward to Black Jesus