Tremaine Emory Supreme

Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images for Prada

Tremaine Emory Says "Thoughtlessness" From Supreme Was Reason for His Departure

Former Supreme creative director Tremaine Emory appeared on the Toure Show to discuss his exit from the streetwear company.

Former Supreme creative director Tremaine Emory aired out the streetwear company in a new episode of the Toure Show. During a sit down with host and culture journalist Touré, Emory expressed his dissatisfaction toward Supreme, which he initially detailed late last month.

During the hour-and-a-half conversation, Emory claimed that his issues with Supreme began when he took up their creative director role, saying that founder James Jebbia was interfering with his responsibilities.

“It was…a struggle from the beginning,” Emory said, comparing his situation to the arcade game Whack-A-Mole.

The Denim Tears founder then got into the inconsideration that Supreme allegedly exhibited, as well as how Black employees were displeased with the company’s decision to not move forward with Jafa. Post-resignation, Emory said he had a four-hour conversation with Jebbia, but left because of "thoughtlessness and their lack of response when I was trying to garner discourse."

Emory departed Supreme in August after the brand canceled a collaboration with visual artist Arthur Jafa. Jebbia opted against clothing and skateboards that featured images depicting lynching and enslavement.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Emory claimed that Jebbia was originally supportive of the collaboration with Jafa, saying that the images were “important for people to see because it's still happening to Black people."

In August, Emory made multiple Instagram posts about his time at Supreme, alleging “systemic racism,” and saying that the company works with “less than 10% minorities.”