Watch Vic Mensa's Powerful Performance Of "16 Shots"

Check Out Vic Mensa's Politically Charged Performance Of "16 Shots" On 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'


Vic Mensa stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to perform the politically charged track “16 Shots,” in which Mensa addresses  the unrelenting terror and violence faced by the black community at the hands of law enforcement. The powerful performance began with Vic rapping acapella before the beat coming, aided by Travis Barker on the drums. As Vic rapped, he was grabbed by riot police dressed in futuristic looking outfits. Vic, dramatically, asked for the song to by stopped to deliver a message. He told the audience:

“I’m a young black man from Chicago, and I’m tired of not being able to trust the police. I want to have faith in the men and women sworn to protect me. I don’t want to see another 17-year-old kid like Laquan McDonald murdered in the street. So when I hear a candidate talking about ‘law and order’ and ‘stop and frisk is the answer to our problems’—you don’t know our problems in Chicago, and you damn sure don’t speak for us. Tomorrow we have the biggest election of our lifetime, so you gotta get out and vote against hate, because Donald Trump is a racist and if you don’t vote, racism wins.”

Watch Vic Mensa perform “16 Shots” on Jimmy Kimmel Live below. Today, Tuesday November 8th, is election day. Head here to find your polling place.

H/T: Complex

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