Teyana Taylor Clarifies Frustrations Over Bumpy 'K.T.S.E' Rollout

Teyana Taylor Clarifies Frustrations Over Bumpy 'K.T.S.E' Rollout

by zo
July 15, 2018 2:49 PM

“My complaints never came from a place of anger but more so from a place of hurt that I felt that I owed the world more.”

Frustrated by both the handling of and response to her new album, K.T.S.E. (Keep That Same Energy,) Teyana Taylor has spent the last few days setting the record straight.

Earlier this week, the artist joined the hosts of Ebro in The Morning to discuss the process behind her highly anticipated Kanye-produced album, but pivoted quickly towards the messiness of K.T.S.E.’s rollout, and why we’re probably not going to get an updated version of it.

Taylor cites sample clearances and typical licensing hold-ups for the leaner build, trimming the intended nine-track release to eight (the only “Wyoming” project to feature more than seven songs,) but also notes that entire verses were missing from “Never Would Have Made It”; one addressing non-believers, the other about her daughter, Junie (who can be heard throughout the album.) “I felt a way. I notice everything that was not done. That’s not the version that I heard,” Taylor explains to Ebro.

Elsewhere, she insists the album wasn’t a rushed-to-factory release (a common critique of Kanye’s Wyoming output,) that “It ain’t like, ‘Oh it’s crunch time and we don’t have a record’. It was just a lot of miscommunications as far as clearances and certain versions.”

Yesterday, Taylor took to Instagram to further clarify, underscoring her gratitude for the G.O.O.D. Music team and the support of her fans. See it below.

Watch Teyana Taylor’s Ebro in The Morning interview above and the link to grab your copy of Keep That Same Energy is iTunes today.



For a better clarity of my "publicized emotions" toward my album…I LOVE MY ALBUM and never said that I didnt AND BELIEVE IN MY ALBUM with all of me. My complaints never came from a place of anger but more so from a place of hurt that I felt that I owed the world more. After 5 years of patience I could have anticipated the culture would be hurt that all I had to offer them was 23 mins. I have a very loyal and active fan base that I'm extremely indebted to and that I am extremely dedicated to. Though a shortened version shocked me upon its released date i appreciate my brother Ye for helping me produce my most vulnerable, personal and soulful album to date. I think that our collaboration on this album shows and proves to add to the culture we creatives promise to push forward! I never meant for my passion to be mistaken for ungratefulness however i'm always open to agreeing to disagree, that doesnt take away from the bond I share with not only Ye but all of my G.O.O.D Music family. Yall know ima keep shit a buck! #KTSE and last but not least I want to thank everyone for the love and support of #KTSE! 💕

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