Mike tyson performs his one man show undisputed truth 2
Mike tyson performs his one man show undisputed truth 2
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Mike Tyson Responds to Allegations that He Robbed U-God's Mother

U-God recently spoke with DJ Vlad about the incident with Mike Tyson.

Recently, former heavyweight champion boxer Mike Tyson sat down with fellow boxer Zab Judah for an interview with Vlad TV. The two pugilists discussed the sweet science, his past life and more. The two also spoke on an incident involving Wu-Tang Clan member U-God. Watch the full interview below.

In a 2019 interview for the channel, U-God revealed that as a child growing up between Brooklyn and Staten Island, he had a run-in with a pre-boxing fame Tyson.

"My craziest Brownsville memory involves Mike Tyson," he said. "This was back in the 1970s, before he was the world champion or had even started boxing. I was about eight years old, holding my mother’s hand, walking down Pitkin Avenue by the OTB, when this dude came by and snatched my mother’s earrings right off her earlobes. Left her with bloody ears and everything and just took off."

U-God continues the story in his memoir, saying he couldn't recall Tyson's face. However, he says his mother saw his face on television in the following years and swore he was the assailant.

“It sounds crazy, and of course I don’t have any proof, but that didn’t stop me from fantasizing as a kid," he continued, "that a slew of Brooklynites and even some Manhattanites could say the same thing about the World Champ.”

In the interview with Judah, Tyson appears remorseful and agrees to repay the two of them, if possible.

“You tell U-God I got the money to pay him back now," Tyson said, when asked about the incident. "So, when he sees me, tell him to ask for the money and I’ll give it to him.”