Kona Channels Michael Jackson To Woo Her "Working Woman" [Premiere]
Kona Channels Michael Jackson To Woo Her "Working Woman" [Premiere]
Photo Credit: Ciara Walters for KONA

Kona Channels Michael Jackson To Woo Her "Working Woman" [Premiere]

Lenny Kravitz, Grace Jones, Lauryn Hill, Lion Babe, Thundercat, SZA & More Rock The Afropunk Festival 2015 in Brooklyn, NY. Source: Kona

The song is from Kona's forthcoming project Uncanny.

Kona's "Working Woman" speaks to a universal sentiment: wanting to be wanted by someone only to feel overlooked by them. But it's Kona's lighthearted spin on the sentiment that makes the music video so great. Soundtracked by the intricate and soulful production of "Cool" guy Zack Villere, the video chronicles Kona's attempts at getting the girl of her desires. She tries to woo her with a beautifully set table of afternoon fruits and snacks; she explores the green mountain tops with her as the sun shines above them; she even channels her inner Michael Jackson during a dance off with the girl.

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Ultimately, Kona gets the girl.

"'Working Woman' was written because I was feeling looked over by a girl that I saw a lot of potential in at the time. Zack originally sent the beat in a batch of things that he wasn't using for his album Little World and I instantly connected with it," Kona said. "Fast forward a few months and the girl who was overlooking me is now my girlfriend, and the leading lady in the video."

And as for paying homage to the King of Pop, Kona looked to Jackson's "Black Or White" for inspiration. "Michael's 'Black Or White' is one of my favorite videos of all time so the dance scene and wardrobe of the video was derived from that," she said.

Kona, who has also worked with TheInternet's Matt Martians and Steve Lacy, as well as Awful Records' Father and Ethereal, will be dropping Uncanny on her birthday, July 24. Aside from featuring production by Zack, the project will also feature production by Parris Pierce and LeMieux (the two, alongside fellow producer Z, have produced tracks for Kilo Kish and Anderson .Paak) and Kona herself.

"Uncanny is a project I made out of a sense of necessity," Kona said. "It came at a time in life that I had a lot to prove to myself, about how serious I was about music and it made me grow up a lot. It now serves a starting point to chart the progress of my more current work."

Following the release of Uncanny, Kona will drop a podcast titled "Help Me Help Myself Dear Friend." The three-part podcast series will include a mix of curated songs that inspired the project, as well as clips from an interview Kona did with her 88-year-old grandmother.

Check out the music video for "Working Woman" below.