Kendrick Lamar Speaks On Seeing Aliens As A Child, Performing With Prince And More With Howard Stern

Kendrick Lamar Speaks On Seeing Aliens As A Child, Performing With Prince And More With Howard Stern

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In a lengthy interview with Howard Stern, Kendrick Lamar talked about seeing an alien as a child, how Prince was almost on To Pimp A Butterfly, and much more.

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Apparently arriving after a long night of making music alongside Top Dawg Entertainment affiliates Sounwave and Dave Free, Lamar spoke about witnessing an alien when he was six years old.

“I’m going to stand my ground to this: Yes. I did. Nobody believed me then and they don’t believe me now,” Lamar said. “It’s just something I can’t really describe, because it just sounds like, ‘Okay, you just saw a dart go past. That shit don’t make sense.’ I remember this and words can’t describe it. It’s just a surreal moment.”

When asked if he thinks he was abducted Kendrick said “I probably did. That’s probably why I’m doing music right now. Who knows. They probably gave me the energy…You know.”

From there Lamar also spoke about To Pimp A Butterfly standout “Alright” becoming the rallying cry for the Black Lives Matter movement.

“This gave people hope. Not just in my community, but around the world,” the rapper said. “When I see people in the streets and they’re singing the song and they’re feeling good about it — not from a violent standpoint but from a peaceful standpoint — with this being the anchor for it, this is probably one of my greatest songs written for sure.”

Also in the interview Lamar discusses how Prince was almost on “Complexion,” another standout track from To Pimp A Butterfly.

“I played a record for him on there called ‘Complexion.’ He liked the record…It was so much going on in the moment,” Lamar said, explaining that he showed Prince the song at Paisley Park shortly before he performed an intimate show at his estate. Ultimately, Lamar ended up sharing the stage with the Purple Rain mastermind.

Listen to the interview below.

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