J. Cole Releases Lost "Fire Squad" Video on 6th Anniversary of '2014 Forest Hills Drive'

J. Cole dropped the video in honor of 2014 Forest Hills Drive's 6th anniversary.

On Wednesday, Dreamville Records announced the recovery of "a bunch" of previously-deleted J.Cole videos. In honor of the 6th anniversary of 2014 Forest Hills Drive's anniversary, the label dropped the never-before-seen video for "Fire Squad."

"A bunch of J.Cole videos got deleted way back," the Dreamville account announced on Twitter. "Today we're getting them all back up. And because it's the anniversary #FHD here's the world premiere of the never before released video for "Fire Squad." Happy Holidays!"

The video follows J. Cole and a youth chess prodigy, who warns an elder opponent about the dangers of pride and self-coronation. "Not gonna be no more kings," she warns, "be careful of any man who claims so. Because deep down, he clings to the need for power. But in reality, he's a coward. He's afraid of death. And sometimes, me too."

The video was shot by Los Angeles-based director Maxim Bohichik. who's edited commercials for Wal-Mart, Spotify, Soundcloud, and dozens of other brands. In 2015, Bohichik linked up with Cole for his "Off the Grid" short film.

Rumors recently swirled that J.Cole would be dropping The Fall Off this week. Someone posing as Dreamville's media director claimed to be meeting with the company's head Ibrahim Hamad and announced the album would be dropping on Wednesday. Until then, however, fans can enjoy the "Fire Squad" video.

Stay tuned for further news on J. Cole and The Fall Off.