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Screen shot 2020 08 13 at 3 52 17 pm
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Check Out Flatbush Zombies' NPR Tiny Desk Home Concert

Flatbush Zombies performed their new song "Afterlife," produced by James Blake.

The pandemic can't stop the NPR Tiny Desk Concert series. In recent months, the series has just shifted to artists' homes and studios. On Thursday, Flatbush Zombies set up in a house in Los Angeles for the latest edition. Watch the full concert below.

Group members Meechy Darko, Zombie Juice, and Erick Arc Elliott are joined by Danielle Withers, Nayanna Holley, Stevvi Alexander on background vocals. Drin Elliott handles the drums, while Robin Bramlett and Brittani Washington play the bass and keys, respectively. The group closes out the set with their latest single "Afterlife," produced by James Blake.

"The Glorious Dead on Tiny Desk," the group wrote on Instagram. "Thank you to the incredible band, vocalists, and crew. And thank you to @NPR for letting these kids from Brooklyn rock."

Just a week ago, Flatbush Zombies dropped the spooked-out video for "Afterlife." For promotion, group member Zombie Juice rented a billboard in Denver, Colorado.

"Juice got stoned and rented this billboard in the middle of Denver," the sign reads. "It's the marketing strategy for our new song "Afterlife." This is definitely going to work. Good work Juice."

Back in June, the group released Now, More than Ever,  a six-track EP. The project was the group's first release since 2018's Vacation in Hell. Stay tuned for more news about forthcoming releases. Now, More than Ever is available on major digital streaming platforms.

Flatbush Zombies - Tiny Desk Setlist

  1. "when I'm gone"
  2. "Palm Trees"
  3. "Afterlife"