DaBaby Find My Way Music Video
DaBaby Find My Way Music Video
Photo Credit: YouTube

DaBaby Releases Somber Short Film for New Song "Find My Way"

DaBaby Find My Way Music Video Photo Credit: YouTube

B. Simone stars alongside the rapper in the video set in California.

DaBaby has rolled out his newest single "Find My Way" by unveiling it in a short film that’s an emotional rollercoaster. Starring influencer B. Simone, the video features the couple on a Bonnie and Clyde-themed journey.

The somber clip begins with DaBaby sharing his thoughts on leaning towards a life of crime to provide for his grandmother. “One thing I can say about life, certain situations make people do the unthinkable.” He also added, “Especially when situations affect the people most important to you.” 

This is merely the kick-off of the energetic film set in California, it later depicts DaBaby and B. Simone robbing a convenience store and a diner filled with customers. It almost seems as if the two will get away with their debauchery. But, towards the end of the visual, they make one wrong misstep that almost leads to the end of their lives. Upon checking in at a motel, Simone is recognized by the motel manager’s wife. This leads to grim circumstances.

DaBaby’s “Find My Way” is his latest single since he released his debut album Kirk last September. The Charlotte, N.C. artist has also been featured on singles with Lil Yachty, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Future and more so far this year.

Earlier this week, fans were declaring that the rapper and B. Simone were dating after she posted an image of them embracing. After she posted it, DaBaby wrote “#marketingqueen” as a comment, this had fans up in arms about their being a deeper meaning behind that, some viewed it as confirmation. The release of the “Find My Way” film clears up the idea that the two are dating. 

Watch the video for “Find My Way” below.