Yuna gives L.A. fans an intimate acoustic set at her Nocturnal listening event (hosted by Anthony Valadez, brought ot you by Okayplayer + Sonos)
Yuna gives L.A. fans an intimate acoustic set at her Nocturnal listening event (hosted by Anthony Valadez, brought ot you by Okayplayer + Sonos)

Yuna - 'Nocturnal' Listening Party In L.A. + "Rescue" [Official Video]

We have been Yuna fans since like forever. Like literally since the week she touched down on US shores--she came true and played an intimate concert for us here in the Okayplayer offices (magic) and we were hooked. In the time since then, Yuna has gone from exciting new artist on the rise to Everywhere Girl. Just in the past week or two she appeared in a new fashion spot for G-Star Raw, released a video for her new single "Rescue" and held the L.A. listening party for her brilliant new LP Nocturnal (moderated by KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez and brought to you by Okayplayer + Sonos). She is putting out dopeness at such a stready pace, it gets kinda hard to keep up with honestly but let's try. First of all, let's talk "Rescue."

This song is kind of a departure for Yuna, letting her Cranberries-ish doll-voice stretch out in a more rock soaring rock vein than any of the delicate pop jewels she's dropped thus far. At the same time, the gamelan & bass polyrhythm that kicks it off draws more explicitly on the sounds of her native Malaysia. Once you've absorbed all that audible goodness, "Rescue" reveals is self as a fierce, resonant girl power anthem, the manifesto of a damsel not in distress. More like this, please.

More like that is exactly what attendees to Yuna's L.A. listening session for Nocturnal got. During the reception hour, guests listened to an exclusive playlist curated by Yuna over the Sonos Wireless HiFi System, while enjoying an (appropriately mellow) assortment of autumnal beers. Fans crowded in front of the stage early in the evening, patiently waiting for Yuna's performance. KCRW disc jock extraordinaire (and Okayplayer, quiet as kept) Anthony Valadez welcomed guests and introduced Yuna, after which the two engaged in a brief and informative Q&A, discussing Yuna's process and her excitement around the creation of Nocturnal.

Following the Q&A, Yuna took the stage and performed her first ever acoustic performance of old and new songs, giving fans an exclusive special performance and an up close and personal DVD-extras on track as she engaged the audience, introducing new songs and explaining the meaning behind them (click through the photo gallery above to relive the experience).

In between all of that Yuna somehow found time to look like a million Ringgits as the poster girl of G-Star's new campaign, contrasting her sculpted beauty and trademark headscarves with a series of rugged denim ensembles. Watch the viral fashion spot above, find more shots in the gallery up top and don't forget to cop Nocturnal here (via amazon).