Video: Robin Thicke x Marvin Gaye "Sexual Healing" Live At Vh-1 Save The Music

I know mad women's ears just perked up like "Rooby Racks?" when they read that headline. Yes, Robin Thicke did perform a live cover of Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing," arguably the babymakingest jam of all time--contested only by Marvin's other babymakingest jam O.A.T. "Let's Get It On" (Detroit, stand up. I mean, Lay down. You know what I mean).  The occasion was the launch of Vh-1's 2012 Songwriters Music Series--part of their Save the Music Foundation--at the Paris Club in Chicago last month. His job is of course made much easier by the female audience members screaming along to whole paragraphs of the lyric, and Thicke seems to be pointing out one audience member in particular, who I am really hoping is Paul Patton. If not...Sorry, son. I wasn't trying to jam you up intentionally.

spotted at RU