Video: Little Dragon "Crystalfilm"

Remember when dude from Bon Iver shouted all the nominees and all the "non-nominees" at the Grammys--you know, the "talented people who aren't here"--? Let's be honest, he was talking about Little Dragon. In the latest brilliant/probably-never-win-a-grammy song from last year's Ritual Union to be translated into audiovisual form, "Crystalfilm" goes to Scandinavia for a spooky filmic adventure. The clip speaks (volumes) for itself but it think the basic message is: don't be afraid of the scarecrows. Yes, there are creepy humanoid beings watching us from behind the straw and moving closer when our backs are turned. But hey really just want to give us a hug. Or maybe the message is: no matter where you go, there you are. Cop Ritual Union on Amazon.

spotted at SB