Video: JJ DOOM “Guv’nor”

DJ Brainchild Pimp rag, tootsee pop and a cane.

JJ DOOM "Guv'nor" video

JJ DOOM, aka MF DOOM & Jneiro Jarel, have received a considerable amount of buzz thanks to their brand new Keys To The Kuffs album.  In the video for “Guv’nor,” one of the album’s many highlights, director Ninian Doff gives the metal faced supervillain the split screen treatment.

The video is pretty simple in concept, yet complex in execution, and a little disorienting.  A perfect fit for someone like DOOM, no?  Also, how often do you get to see DOOM riding a bicycle?

JJ DOOM Keys To The Kuffs is available now on iTunes and Amazon.

Spotted @ EgoTripLand

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