Video: Immortal Technique X Truth Is Scary On Trayvon Martin, Kony 2012 + More

The always erudite Immortal Technique aims his dangerous mind at some current topics of heated debate ie Kony 2012, the tragic killing of Trayvon Martin and the apocalypse, just to name a few. Condidering that he is pretty much the only MC out here who consistently prefers to rap about current realities like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan over 80s crack-fantasies, it's maybe not surprising that he drops some highly-quotable gems (watch him demo his way with words on the freestyle challenge after the jump) along the way. Exhibit A: “If you don’t care enough to help black people in this country, how am I supposed to think your bleeding hearts go out to the children of Africa?” Even without aliens and illuminati, turns out the truth is pretty scary sometimes.

spotted at NR