Video: Gary Clark, Jr. "Catfish Blues" Live At The White House

Gary Clark, Jr. is the future of the blues and the future has arrived, y'all. I can't really think of a more direct indicator of 'arrived' than 'performed at the White House for the POTUS Barack Obama and his wife lovely wife Michelle'. Not only does Clark get a standing ovation at the end but it is important to note that the leader of the free world already knows the words to "Catfish Blues" (although it does look like he is either cheating or maybe checking the game score on his Secret Service micro-berry at one point). Also, you know you're in the presence of a true blues master--not by the funkfaces he makes--but because he is visibly talking under his breath to the guitar like, C'mon Betsy. Give it to me, nah, girl during the solo. This is from the February 21st Red, White and Blues performance which aired on public television this past Tuesday--watch the full show at PBS.