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Vic Mensa
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Vic Mensa to Give Away Thousands of Shoes Following Chicago Police "Bait Truck" Controversy

The rapper plans to distribute sneakers to kids near the site where Chicago cops conducted a sting by parking a “bait truck” full of shoes.

Vic Mensa is giving away thousands of shoes in Chicago through an anti-"bait truck" initiative.

The Chicago native and his SaveMoneySaveLife foundation announced the effort a few weeks after the “bait truck” incident, in which Nike shoes were reportedly used by police to lure locals into stealing in the city’s poorer neighborhoods.

The bait truck caught public attention and backlash after videos showing the operation in action went viral.

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“We wanted to do something in response, but have a positive response,” Laundi Keepseagle, the executive director of Vic Mensa’s SaveMoneySaveLife foundation told Chicago Sun Times. “We don’t want to create conflict with the police, but we do want to take a step forward, and just showcase that acts like that aren’t acceptable in communities that we care for.”

The effort is part of a forthcoming back-to-school event, Keepseagle said.

The foundation hopes to gather at least 5,000 shoes and has reached out to shoe companies, athletes and other high-profile figures to donate shoes and to help promote the campaign.

As of Friday afternoon, activist Shaun King said 3,000 pairs had been donated.

Okayplayer has reached out to Vic Mensa's team for confirmation on the numbers provided.

Source: Chicago Sun Times