Vic Mensa to 6ix 9ine "Catch these Hands"
Vic Mensa to 6ix 9ine "Catch these Hands"
Source: Instagram

Vic Mensa is Also Tired of 6ix9ine, Says He Wants to Have a "One-on-One" Fight w/ Him

6ix9ine can't stay out of trouble

Does anyone like 6ix9ine? Doesn't seem like it.

On Wednesday, July 25th, a clip of Vic Mensa,talking about 6ix9ine popped up on the internet. In the clip, which is from an interview with the Real 92.3. from July 20th, Vic Mensa mentions how he thought it was "goofy" how Brooklyn rapper 6ix9Ine disrespected Chicago. (A couple of weeks ago, 6ix9ine flew to Chicago, posted on various blocks, and antagonized Chief Keef, who he has a feud with.)

Vic said:

When I saw him pretending to be riding around Chicago like he was on business...its like, 'Yo look up the fucking facts...Theres whole Vine videos of every line Tekashi69 bit from Chicago rappers.

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DJ Akademiks posted the clip on his Instagram. Vic took offense to the video, reposting it and having some not so nice things to say about the blogger:

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A couple of moments after that, Vic posted another video talking directly to Tekashi6ix9ine, flat out saying he wants to fight:

See me and these fucking hands. No security. We seen you driving around Chicago with eight police. Shoot the one-on-one...Ill turn yourmother fucking face the color ofhair.

Uh. This can get ugly. Watch the clip below.