Throwback Thursdays: Lord Aaqil x The Square Roots "Check It Out"

Gingerlynn just passed us this never-before-seen video for Philly-based rapper Lord Aaqil's "Check It Out" from 1993--visibly the same year that Fu-Schnickens and Naughty By Nature dominated the programming on Yo! MTV Raps. Aaqil's limited edition vinyl EP of the same name is being reissued next month by the folks at dopefolks. But for the okayplayer reader, the real stars of this vid are baby-faced younger version of Tariq Trotter, Ahmir Thompson and Malik B.--or as they were then known, TheSquare Roots--who pop up throughout. For maximum lolz, you are going to want to hit pause at the following points:

0:19 and 0:29 - drumming and ad-libbing from Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson in his Joe Public phase.

1:15 - Square Roots font treatment and Baby Thought cameo.

2:14 - Malik Blunt shout out.

3:05 - ?uesto again, blatant Square Roots plug.

Double bonus okaypoints go to anyone who can spot Malik B. amongst the assembled true-schoolers and/or tell us what ever happened to the Rhythm Freaks.'93 til Infinity, y'all.