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Okp ss 1f
Starlight Studios Prince Barry D

Starlight Studios "Prince Barry D" Figurine Available Now In The Okayplayer Shop

Starlight Studios and Okayplayer.com have teamed to offer you a rare opportunity to win  a collector's item from their ultra-premium true school toy collection. (NOTE: The contest is over, but you can buy your own at the Okayplayer Shop) The collection created and launched by Joseph "Tramp" Daly - the man behind The Roots' Do You Want More and Illadelph Halflife LP cover art - and Ishmael Ford-Bey is an extension of classic hip-hop culture that fills a void for fans whose mic-ripping, party-rocking heroes had fallen well below the radar of companies producing high-end collectible figures for quite some time. Starlight Studios seeks to change that by bringing over two decades of film and design experience to the table to develop a high-end product that pays homage to the hallmarks of the culture and creates a demand that builds a bridge for hip-hop's audience to cross safely into the world of comics and collectibles.

Starlight Studios offers up their sure shot classic b-boy figurine Prince Barry D - bringing the Sure Shot character played by the legendary Grandmaster Caz to life - for this super exclusive limited giveaway; the toy has a tough stance and tight threads for an ultra-clean appearance with immense attention to detail and a level of craft that culminate at his sharp haircut and a miniature pair of Cazals. Prince Barry D is truly representative of the lifestyle and fashion trends that will remain timeless markers of a genre that took the world by storm. The prize package includes the Starlight Studios figure, a free t-shirt and sticker pack; the entire bundle clocks in at a $200 value, available for free only through this exclusive offer. Scroll through the gallery above to get a taste of what Starlight Studios and OKP are bringing to the table. Check the video below for shouts from The Roots, plus a look at the toy line at the KidRobot party. Check the first episode of Sure Shot below that. Scroll down to answer our trivia questions to enter for a chance to win the Starlight Studios toy giveaway (This Contest Has Ended!). Purchase the Barry D figurine directly from the Okayplayer Store. Check Tramp & Ish on Twitter @trampizm and GC_Boss_Ish respectively.

Congratulations to the contest winners:

- Kurra Frazier (Burbank, CA)

- Byron Turner (Chicago, IL)

- Todd Whiteoak (Yardley, PA)

- Joshua Hatcher (Brooklyn, NY)

- Nick Tran (St. Louis, MO)