Shabazz Palaces x Boiler Room Video

Okayafrica Video: Shabazz Palaces x Boiler Room

Shabazz Palaces x Boiler Room

Shabazz Palaces–Okayplayer favorites and inheritors of a Digable Planetrecently descended upon Boiler Room for what sounds like a haunting and beautiful set. The pair offers a distinctive sound, filled with influences from across the musical spectrum. In the clip below, you’ll experience African-inspired live percussion as well as new age synths behind Ishmael Butler‘s signature style of rap-talking. It’s pretty amazing to watch so much music come from just two people live on stage, so check out the performance clip before and check back for the full set at the link below. Here’s a bit of what Okayafrica had to say about the 10-minute video:

Afro-futuristic hip-hop duo Shabazz Palaces, who recently came out with a spell-binding music video, dropped by Boiler Room to deliver a unique set that fused samplers, Ishmael Butler‘s rhymes and Baba Maraire‘s Zimbabwean-influenced live percussion.

>>>More details + full set on Boiler Room TV (via Okayafrica)

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