See The Full Credits For Frank Ocean's 'Blonde'

See The Full Credits For Frank Ocean's 'Blonde'

Blond Album Cover, version 1: blond

Months after getting their hands on the album, Frank Ocean fans can see the full lineup of credits behind Blonde.

When Blonde was originally released, the limited edition Boys Don't Cry magazine had an extensive list of contributors that included Kendrick Lamar, Jaime xx, David BowieBeyoncé, and The Beatles. But it was unclear which names were actual guest musicians, which were samples, and which ones were considered inspiration.

On Black Friday, a surprise release made CD and vinyl copies of Blonde available for purchase. Pitchfork reported that a Reddit user recently uploaded the liner notes as included with the CD, clearing up who did what on their respective songs.

Kanye West is listed as a co-writer on "White Ferrari," and suspicions of Beyoncé adding background vocals to "Pink + White" are confirmed. James Blake added production, arrangement, and keyboards to "Solo," "Solo (Reprise)," and "Godspeed;" though he is not listed as a writer on "White Ferrari," as he was on previously-released credits. Yung Lean is a featured vocalist on "Godspeed," and Jon Brion is credited throughout the album as a producer and arranger.

See the full credits here.

Blonde, Ocean's first retail album since Channel Orange in 2012, topped the Billboard 200 charts in its opening week and was generally well-acclaimed by critics. Frank Ocean intentionally withheld from submitting it to the Grammys for consideration, because of issues he has with the Grammys submission and nomination processes. He will headline three festivals in 2017, making them his first performances in three years.