The Elusive Frank Ocean Opens Up In New Illuminating Interview

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Frank Ocean is one elusive dude, as far as pop stars go. After the release of his critically acclaimed debut studio album, 2012’s Channel Orange, Ocean, outside of a few features, shunned the public eye. Rumors of a new project swirled and then began to swirl some more. A tumblr post. Dates came and went. Boy’s Don’t Cry. Until finally, some movement. A mysterious live stream went up with Frank building something. Speakers? A staircase? Rumors abounded. Many began to lose hope as the live stream went on and on. Then, the calls of fans had been answered with the release of Endless, a visual album. Without much notice, unexpectedly for many, Ocean then dropped another album. Blonde. The caption to a Tumblr post made some time back that read, “I got two versions. I got twooo versions…” now made sense. And now there is a new and rare interview with Ocean, conducted by the New York Times. Frank opens up about a myriad of topics including staying out of the public eye, feeling played and not reaping the rewards from his art, moving, the Grammys, his split with Def Jam, and much, much more.

Read Frank Ocean’s interview with the New York Times in it’s entirety here.


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