Saint Pablo by Kanye West f. Sampha Leaks Online

"Saint Pablo" The New Kanye West Joint f. Sampha Hits The Web

by Eddie "STATS"
March 31, 2016 10:00 PM

"Saint Pablo" The New Kanye West Joint f. Sampha Hits The Web

Pablo is dead, long live “Saint Pablo.” Kanye West‘s new song, presumably named after/dedicated to his newborn child Saint West, has leaked online, featuring vocals from the effortlessly fly Sampha and some classic hip-hop samples (“UFO” anybody?) augmenting the moody piano and bass groove. Classic ‘Ye material, this is a sound best described as “colder-play,” maybe more in line with album cuts from his crowd favorite My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy than the euronazi arthop of Yeezus or the gospel-drill hybrids of The Life Of Pablo. The agile rhymes laid over the top make reference to recent events in couplets that work almost like lyrical time stamps, living proof that he just made the muhfuckers up last night, the rap equivalent of holding up today’s newspaper in your videotaped message to the police.

Taking the leak sonically, that is. Taken chronologically, “Saint Pablo” is sort of a bridge between the ever-changing TLOP (which just got another reboot on TIDAL yesterday, with changes to 12 out of 19 tracks) and the forthcoming Turbo Grafx 16. TGFX16 is of course, only the 2nd of a rumored 3 Kanye albums to drop this year. The way things are going, however, I’m starting to suspect that when Kanye referred to SWISH (or WAVES or whatever it was called at that point…somebody check the time stamps, please) as “the album of the life” what he actually meant was that he’s just going to keep working on and tweaking this same album for the rest of his life; making additions, changing the title and the track sequence in an ongoing series of software-like iterations–and presumably charging you a dollar every time you need to upgrade ’cause TLOP 6.0 is no longer compatible with the flash plug-ins on your OSXX (or whatever). Now that would be some real Steve Jobs type shit. Go ‘head Kanye.

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