Watch Rihanna Join Paul McCartney To Perform “FourFiveSeconds” Live In The Desert

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Watch Rihanna Join Paul McCartney To Perform "FourFiveSeconds" Live

Watch Rihanna Join Paul McCartney To Perform "FourFiveSeconds" Live

This past weekend a grip of old rockers gathered for Desert Trip; an aptly-titled nostalgia blitz of a show that featured sets from Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Neil Young, The Who and recent Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan (who apparently doesn’t give two shits about being a Nobel prize winner.)

It was basically the real-life equivalent of South Park‘s “member berries” incarnate and crystallized (who’s paying $200/day to see a group of musician’s glory days their way through back-to-back-to-back 90-minute sets anyway?) There was one very real highlight from the weekend worth mentioning, however.¬†Rihanna, who had previously collaborated with McCartney and Kanye West on the 2015 hit “FourFiveSeconds,” dropped in to perform the track with Macca and a full band in tow, breaking the track free of its acoustic purgatory.

Sir Macca holds down Ye’s portion of the verse (though it’s now abundantly clear who wrote the part in the first place) while RiRi ¬†belts out that infectious hook. To our knowledge it’s the first time the track has been performed live by Rihanna and McCartney since last year’s Grammys, which featured all three players, including Mr. West. Peep the performance below.

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