Go Crate-Digging With GZA At Philly's Profond Music N' Art

GZA Hits A Philly Record Store, Comes Back w/ Wax For The First Time In 40 Years

by zo
January 29, 2016 6:03 PM

Go Crate-Digging With GZA

“Music today sounds like old school pinball machines mixed with video arcade games”

It’s been a long while since GZA stepped into a record store; about 40 years to be precise, according to the Wu-Tang alum himself. A recent trip down to Philadelphia (low-key, one of the single best cities for crate-diggers in all of the US of A) to jump back into the wax-seeking arts with a little help from FADER. They set up the Genius with $150 to splurge on his new collection, granting him cart blanche on the selections as he made his way through Profond Music N’ Art‘s shelves. There he spent some time with albums by Bill Withers, The 5th Dimension, Ashford & Simpson and finding the Wu-Tang/Beatles mash-up album Enter The Magical Mystery Chambers, opting, of course, to take that one with him. Tune in down below to see what else GZA took home with him. You can also join us in crossing all of your appendages that GZA’s long-anticipated Dark Matter LP finally sees the light of day in 2016. With the Earth’s flatness now in question, we need it more than ever.

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