Bun B and Premium Pete's favorite eats are featured on 'You Gotta Eat This'
Bun B and Premium Pete's favorite eats are featured on 'You Gotta Eat This'

The Recipe: Bun B Launches New Food Blog 'You Gotta Eat This'

Texas rap legend Bun B and internationally renowned sneakerhead/foodie/Combat Jack Show co-host, Premium Pete have joined forces to create the coolest new food site on the internets: YouGottaEatThis.com, which features celebrity guest contributors (chefs, artists, and foodies) from around the globe, restaurant reviews, recipes, recommendations for food spots and even has a user submitted content section entitled, "WDYET" (What Did You Eat Today) that allows food lovers to submit a photo of their meal via email, then see their chosen dish shared with the world. Given that everything Bun B is involved with, from short films to coloring books, is pretty much gold, we hit up Pete direct to get some of our burning food questions answered.

OKP: Let’s talk about your food-related characters in music and movies.

Premium Pete: Of course Raekwon The Chef is the man, but who conducted a better sit down dinner in jail than Paul and crew in Goodfellas.

OKP: So Action Bronson is notorious for his food references, but what are some of your other favorite food references in Hip-Hop?

Pete: I love Puff Daddy on “It’s All About The Benjamins,” when he wrote, “Livin’ the raw deal / Three-course meals / spaghetti, fettuccine, and veal!" Premium Pete, an Italian Brooklyn kid, recalls hearing that line and being hyped up, We eat spaghetti and fettuccine all the time! And When Joell Ortiz wrote, "Off that BQE near Mickey D / occasionally treat myself to a nice a little fish and cheese / I’m really-really in the street.” I love lobster, I love striped bass, but when Joell wrote that, he spoke to people living every day life.

OKP: To borrow from a classic rhyme, have you ever been over a friend’s house to eat and the food just ain’t no good?

Pete: I remember when I just met who would become my ex-wife (and she OENO it)...she was Puerto Rican, and she wanted to impress me by making an Italian meal. But nobody cooks like mom. Nobody makes better Italian food than my mother. She had a friend come over to help make chicken parmesan. They took a while preparing it and were so excited to present it, and it may have been the worst meal I‘ve ever eaten. I said, “This is trash.” I had to keep it real with her.

OKP: If we come to a block party in your neighborhood, what would we eat?

Pete: I would specially order a 6-foot roast beef hero with gravy from John’s Deli. You gotta be well-connected to get that. Also, we would have a seafood salad with every type of seafood. Then a 3-foot bagel wheel Italian-American sandwich. Rice balls, fried ravioli, and spaghetti with garlic and oil. Of course we’re gonna have tater tots. Why? Because they’re fuckin' legendary.

We’re gonna end with some dessert, spumoni from L & B Spumoni Gardens.

OKP: Thanks for indulging us, Pete. What do you 'gotta eat' right at this exact moment?

Pete: Of course pizza, I eat pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a late-night snack.

OKP: Word! Good luck with that.

Pete: Stay hungry, my friends.