Pebbles Responds To TLC Biopic With Outrage

Pebbles Responds To TLC Biopic With Outrage At What She Calls "False Portrayal"


Perri “Pebbles” Reid has issued a response to the onscreen portrayal of her character and relationship with the members of iconic 90’s r&b trio TLC following the recent broadcast of VH1‘s biopic chronicling the group’s storied career. The response follows the wave of negative backlash Pebbles received from fans expressing their disgust for her behavior toward the group. Their scolding and taunts rippled across social media platforms during the premiere broadcast of the film directed by Charles Stone III. Pebbles initially promised to respond with legal action to any onscreen portrayals she felt were slanderous, defamatory or inaccurate. TLC countered by coming forward publicly to attest to the truth of the situations and relationships portrayed in the small-screen narrative. As the dust settled over the past week it seemed that things had returned to normal, the film had been a success and all hashtags had gone quiet on the social media home-front. Pebbles, however, had yet to fire back. She has since issued a statement via her website, outlining her feelings about the matter with a promise to share her story “in the appropriate venue at the appropriate time.” There is no way to know what this means, specifically. Pebbles could write a tell-all book that disputes their claims and airs more dirty laundry. She could be bold enough to produce and broadcast an unofficial TLC biopic that counters the recent film or she could simply file a lawsuit. The historically tenuous relationship between Pebbles and the remaining members of the group almost makes the possibilities endless. The world will have to wait to see where this goes. In the meantime, it’s safe to say Pebbles isn’t pleased. Read the text below to get a look at the full statement issued by Pebbles.


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