OKP News: Questlove Speaks On Jay-Z & Danny!

Eddie "STATS" Imported from Detroit.

Questlove and Jay-Z

OK, OK (players). By popular demand (see the comments section here) we bring you part 2 of the afro-lord’s entertaining interview on The Champs podcast (a 3-headed monster comprising Neal Brennan of Chapelle Show fame, Moshe Kasher and DJ Douggpound). Specifically, the segment where ?uesto speaks on Jay-Z‘s interest in upcoming rapper Danny!–and exactly where he got put on to him. Not saying where, but it has an O and a K and a P in it (or a T and a S and a pound if you nahm talm bout, nudge nudge). Even without the propers being spelled out, y’all know my colleague Shamz has been covering and um, championing Danny! and his rap skills for minutes upon minutes. (<–you should click that link, if only for the fun of rewinding back to a time when Drake, Che Grand and Danny Brown were all in the same gang). Some choice quotes (both OKP-specific and not):

“What the hell are you doing on Okayplayer?”

“Okayplayer–is that like OKCupid for rappers?”

“I consciously don’t f*ck with hip-hop anymore, unless it’s The Roots

Anyway, listen and enjoy above (laugh it up, fuzzballs), get the full podcast via The Champs–and take advantage of the moment by going to Danny!’s tumblr, where he is apparently giving away his 2011 release Where Is Danny? free for a limited grab.

>>>Download Where Is Danny? (via dannyswain tumblr)

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