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OKP News: Questlove Speaks On Jay Electronica LP And Jay-Z

OKP News: Questlove Speaks On Jay Electronica LP And Jay-Z

The two Jays: Jay-Z and Jay Electronica

Our Afro’d overlord (or for short, Afrolord) ?uestlove just popped up on the most recent podcast from The Champs, holding down the spot recently occupied by Flying Lotus (and a porn starlet. Wipe them seats.). Right out of the gate he revealed some details about Jay Electronica‘s allegedly forthcoming LP for Roc Nation, Act II: Patents of Nobility, which Mr. Elec reported  (via twitter) was completed about 3 days ago. According to Questo, Roc Nation capo Jay-Z has the completed record and “listens to it constantly, says it’s his favorite record of 2012…” BUT (you knew there was a but) “it has no single on it….Jay wants a single.”

Could it be that Mr. Carter’s “otherworldy patience” is all so he can have his favorite record of the year all to himself? I don’t know all I know is Questo made noises in December about another long-awaited album and the next thing you know: bam. D’Angelo was real again. Listen to the audio below:

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