Jay Prince, SiR & Joyce Wrice Share Some Lush "AfroPhunk"

Jay Prince, SiR & Joyce Wrice Send Up A Technicolor Flare On "AfroPhunk"

by Scott Heins
October 19, 2015 4:02 PM

Jay Prince Afrophunk Sir Joyce Wrice

This may very well be the winner for song-of-the-day. London MC/producer Jay Prince has called up both SiR and Joyce Wrice to assist on his gorgeous new single “AfroPhunk,” a track that marries a mid-tempo hip-hop beat to gorgeous rhodes chords and even gorgeous-er vocals. Produced by Prince himself with a little help from Brooklyn duo Brasstracks, “AfroPhunk” will reportedly be a part of the Soulection signee’s upcoming Beautiful Mercy release, but is honestly so damn luscious that it doesn’t need another note to prop it up. This is the good stuff.

The track spares no time in getting started, as trumpets and gooey bass float in diverging directions. It all settles down into a low rumble as the verses on “AfroPhunk” provide Prince with a crooked sonic canyon to explore. But keep an ear out for those horns—Brasstracks have touched almost every measure of the track, elevating the tune beyond the synth-trap-HudMo-horn status quo. Enrapturing chorus vocals from SiR and Wrice go a long way in recalling the softer hooks of To Pimp A Butterfly, and honestly there is just so, so much to enjoy here.

Listen to “AfroPhunk” below and join us in hoping that the Prince has a whole palace worth of new material like this headed our way soon.

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