ODB's Unheard Recordings + Documentary Stream

ODB's Unheard Recordings + Documentary Stream

by zo
November 18, 2013 11:00 AM


[UPDATE: Even though the screening might have gone up in flames with a last minute cease and desist order from ODB’s estate and an unknowing RZA Skyping in, as it was previously reported, the Shaolin Island mad rapper ODB had a documentary and album full of unheard cuts planned for release on his birthday, which was last Friday the 15th of November. They are both available here for stream and download, but keep your eyes and ears up for more info on his biopic starring Michael K. Williams and more internal drama from the Wu-camp]

So founding Wu-Tang member Ol’ Dirty Bastard apparently left us a full length LP of unheard material, slated to be released with a documentary on the strident MC’s life on his birthday, this Friday the 15th. Titled New Wu Generation, the album will apparently host 24 of the Wu-patriarch’s unearthed tracks to be included in the pre-order package for the documentary entitled Dirty: Platinum Edition. The film will chronicle ODB’s rise to fame, the outrageous antics that propelled him to the forefront of one of  hip-hop’s most lauded cliques and subsequently, the tragic struggle with drugs and mental illness that eventually claimed his life; all through the testaments and recounts of other Wu-members and affiliates.

This type of situation is what you call mixed feelings. While we’re pretty skeptical of what a documentary of this sort might entail, we certainly couldn’t be happier to hear that Dirty’s unreleased material is finally coming to surface. What we certainly are excited for is the ODB biopic, which will feature fellow Brooklyn native, Okayplayer and The Wire star Michael K. Williams. You can catch the trailer for Dirty: Platinum Edition below, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for more info on the biopic treatment of the mad-rapper’s life starring the man who played everyone’s favorite Baltimore stick-up artist.

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