Obama's Final Interview As President To Air On History

President Obama Says He 'Absolutely' Faced Racism In Office

History has announced a two hour special on President Obama that will offer a candid first hand account of his time in office.

Titled The 44th President: In His Own Words, the televised event will find the 44th president of the United States tackling everything from his accomplishments and failures, to how Donald Trump's forthcoming presidency may affect the legacy he has created for himself.

The special will feature interviews conducted with Obama both before and after the 2016 presidential election, as well as appearances from his staff, the press and Congress, including: Vice President Joe Biden; Secretary of State John Kerry; Secretary of Treasury Tim Geithner; Attorney General Eric Holder; former Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel; and many others.

History is also offering a digital component to the special, in which the TV channel will release an eight part oral history on Obama's eight years as POTUS. Commentary will be provided by Obama and different members of his administration, as they talk about everything from Obama's first 100 days in office to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, CT.

One of the previews for the forthcoming special addresses that particular incident, in which Obama describes it as "one of the toughest days of my presidency."

Prior to this, another extensive special on Obama's presidency premiered on CNN. Titled The Legacy Of Barack Obama, the two hour special explored Obama's most successful and disappointing political moves, as well as examined the gridlock that impacted the 44th president's tenure.

The televised documentary also examined the ways in which Trump's presidency may threaten some of Obama's initiatives, which dealt with everything from race relations and gun regulation, to the war on ISIS and closed borders.

The 44th President: In His Own Words premieres on Sunday, January 15 at 9 p.m. EST/PST. Check out the teaser clips below.