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Looking like a native sun, Miguel gets it in at Governors Ball.

Miguel Cries Onstage Addressing US Police Violence


This past week Miguel tearfully addressed the police violence occurring in the United States during his Wireless Festival performance.

The singer took the stage at the annual London music festival on Friday and used part of his set to voice his thoughts on the recent events that happened in Louisiana, Minnesota and Dallas.

"We can't let shit just blow over and not take action anymore. Look, our children will inherit this Earth when we're gone. What are we leaving for them? What are we doing for them now, not tomorrow? Now! We cannot rest anymore. We have to do something. We have to say something. I'm sorry if I'm preaching to you. But it's true."

Earlier that Friday Miguel released a song on his SoundCloud called "How Many," a heartbreaking and poignant tribute to the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile. "This version was started (written/recorded) here in London in my hotel room between the hours of 4am and around 7am when i passed out," Miguel states in the song's description. "ill update this song every week until its complete."

"Tired of human lives turned into hashtags and prayer hands," begins the Wildheart artist before calling listeners to action.

This past week was a challenge for people across the country. After the deaths of Sterling and Castile a peaceful protest in Dallas ended tragically, when 12 police officers were shot by snipers. Of those 12 cops five died — Brent Thompson, Patrick Zamarripa, Michael Krol, Michael Smith and Lorne Ahrens.

Alongside Miguel several other artists, athletes and celebrities have spoken out against police violence and shown their support. Beyoncé's page hyperlinks to the Louisiana and Minnesota state legislators, the states in which Sterling and Castile were fatally shot and killed; and New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony called his fellow athletes (many of which have remained silent in the wake of these incidents) to action.