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Lor Choc

Lor Choc Joins Lawrence Burney on 'True Laurels' Red Bull Radio Debut

<h4>On the debut episode of "True Laurels," queer West Baltimore teen rapper Lor Choc joins Lawrence Burney on the new show covering music across the diaspora.<h4>

Red Bull Radio debuts it's new show "True Laurels" this week with host Lawrence Burney. The show will cover hip-hop and music across the black diaspora to uncover greater stories of the genre’s cultural impact, politics and human perspective.

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The show's first guest is Lor Choc, a 19-year-old queer rapper from West Baltimore; she grew up in the Gilmor Homes, where Freddie Gray was from.

West Baltimore’s own Lor Choc blurs the lines between rap and R&B, and between sensitivity and the streets.

On her debut mixtape, Worth the Wait, she dives into how Gray’s death changed her — and how it changed Baltimore, which now refers to the Gilmor as the “Freddie Homes.” Choc’s ability to tap into her pain and channel it into autobiographical raps and smoothed-out hooks has distinguished her from the wave of hookless raps about leaving Baltimore’s streets behind.

On the premiere episode of "True Laurels," Choc chops it up with Burney about her shift from making money on the streets, Baltimore’s dirt bike culture, hitting the books, and what lies ahead for her nascent career.

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Founded in 2011 by Burney, True Laurels began as a blog to make sense of the music in his

hometown of Baltimore. The outlet soon evolved to include a bi-annual print zine. Now, it's a radio series.

”With True Laurels, my goal has always been to try and get to the meat of what inspires the music being made in various corners of the world,” Burney says. “The best way to do that has been always nurturing my curiosity about the culture that breeds the music. Now, with True Laurels on Red Bull Radio, I have the prime platform to share my findings.”

The show premieres Wednesday August 15 at 3PM PT / 6PM EST, and will air every Wednesday starting 8/15 at 6PM EST on Red Bull Radio.

Listen below: