Red Bull Radio announces the launch of Nightclubbing Podcasting
Red Bull Radio announces the launch of Nightclubbing Podcasting
Source: Red Bull

Red Bull Radio Takes Deep Dives into the Most Iconic Clubs in the World on its New Podcast Series 'NightClubbing'

Red Bull Radio\u00a0announces the launch of\u00a0Nightclubbing Podcasting Source: Red Bull

Podcasts are starting to cover the culture in ingenious ways

Red Bull Radio is launching a podcast centered around one of the most vital components of the rise of popular music: nightclubs.

Titled, appropriately enough, Nightclubbing, the radio show will take deep dives into some of the most ioncic nightclubs in the world.

The podcast will be six episodes with each one focusing on a specific nightclub. The clubs covered are: The Loft, the UK-based House of God,Studio 29, The Music Institution, Uncle Jamm's Army — where people like Ice-T and Battlecat were regulars — and, finally, the legendary Lime Light. In each epsidoe, you'll hear stories from the owners, DJs, doormen and regulars.

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The show is being driven by reporters Julia Alsop and Todd L. Burns. The inaugural season of Nightclubbing kicks off Thursday, July 26th at 7pm EST.  A new episode will premiere weekly until August 30th.

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If you aren't able to listen live on Red Bull Radio you can catch it on-demand on iTunes, Spotify and all major streaming platforms after it airs.

Source: RedBullRadio