Lianne La Havas x Jill Scott - "He Loves Me (Lyzel In E Flat)"

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UK songbird Lianne La Havas covers "He Loves Me" by Jill Scott in a live acoustic session for Billboard mag that reveals the roots of her mellifluous soul style (get 'em, Jill!). Of course she discovered the LP Who Is Jill Scott? in her moms' CD collection but, hey. We already knew that babies who were made to the sounds of Babies Makin Babies will be old enough to make their own babies soon enough. It's all part of the beautiful cycle of Okayplayer life, part of nature's plan. The important thing is that young Lianne knocks this cover out of the unplugged park, omitting the spoken word elements of the song in favor of a hypnotic melodic loop which captures the quiet, sensual and spontaneous feel of the song as few people besides Jill herself could. As she put it to Billboard:

"I like how little it is and how detailed it is...She even goes do far as to say how he loves her from her hair follicles to her toenails. That's so candid. I aspire to that; honesty I suppose. When I sing it, I tend to think of who I'm in love with."

If you clicked on this post for Jill Scott and are just discovering the whispery soul stylings of Ms. La Havas, check out Okayplayer's review of her LP Is Your Love Big Enough?and then go throw some pounds sterling at iTunes.

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